Winter Weather Advisory issued for West Michigan

The Geek Group: Providing affordable technology to West Michigan

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There's one place in Grand Rapids where people can have access to hands on tools for woodworking, 3D Printing, robotics and you even create lightning. Along with this, The Geek Group National Science Institute, at 903 Leonard St. NW, gives those who may not be able to afford computers or access the internet, those things.

For $20 a month, a membership gets you access to all the basic hand tools in the building as well as most of the power tools. There are some tier two and tier three equipment items that helps keep prices fair for everyone. Tier two equipment includes consumables and of course a tier three-piece of equipment would be something that requires a cost to operate. There are facilities available for CAD Design along with 3D Printing. There are electronic labs and RC Aeronautics which is basically everything that flies on a remote. Members even have access to sheet equipment and their own vehicle service slip.

The Geek Group is a 501c3, a registered non-profit.  Families can go there and get a computer for as low as $25. The computers primarily come from companies that actually care about what they do as an organization and creating that equal access of technology for everyone. These are actually very nice computers!

Pretty much anyone can be a member, not really any qualifications to do so and you don't have to be a member to snag one of those computer deals.

The Geek Group also does basic training for safety on the equipment in the building so there aren't any prerequisites.

Many people rely on riding The Rapid bus to get to and from The Geek Group. It is located on the line for both 7 and 9, which are buses that run right by their building.  The Geek Group is  open from 9:30a.m. until 6p.m. to the public. You can learn more online at or by calling 616.466.4335.

To find out The Rapid bus schedules, please make sure to visit


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