Otsego senior plans 7th mission trip to help those in need

OTSEGO, Mich. -- An Otsego High School senior with a "service heart" just got back from her sixth mission trip to Haiti and is already preparing for her next.

"I just, people say I have service heart and so I just love helping people," said OHS senior Jamie Sullivan. "I am just a giver, I just love to give to everybody."

Jamie Sullivan, a senior at Otsego High School, went to Haiti a couple of weeks ago to help put together a medical clinic.

She helped organize supplies and build shelves and worked with members of the Haitian community, but it is the perspective she gains on these trips that keep her going back.

"I think every high schooler should do something like this because it is really eye opening and I have a completely different perspective of the things I have now," Sullivan said.

"Like the shower when I was there was just a little drizzle and compared to my shower here when I got home the pressure hurt me because I got used to that little drizzle and like I have a flushing toilet those people don't even have clean water and you just take a lot from it," she said.

Sullivan has been volunteering for mission trips since the 7th grade with three hometown missions, one in Oklahoma and one in Boston, she dreamed of traveling to Haiti to help those in need.

This wont be the last mission trip for Sullivan either, she is planning to pack up for New Mexico this summer to serve another community but for this help she is looking for help.

"We are collecting these little make up pouches, bags and we took a few down last time to the school but there was 600 kids and we only had 20 bags so we had to decide who to give them to," Sullivan said. "So this time we are trying to collect as many as we can we put like make up, little make up samples and toothbrushes and toothpaste in them and like hair ties and the kids really liked it."

The mission group is also looking for clothing donations.

Those looking to help can donate goods or funds to St. Margaret's Catholic Church in Otsego.

"I am much more grateful for the things I have now," Sullivan said. "Like I actually have a house and a bed and two pillows and some these people don't even have a bed, they sleep on the floor or anywhere."

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