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PAC billboard in Michigan names NRA a “terrorist organization”

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BATTLE CREEK, Mich. -- The Mad Dog Political Action Committee is calling the National Rifle Association a "terrorist organization."

The billboard was installed along I-94 near Battle Creek Wednesday. It's one of 13 that read, "The NRA is a terrorist organization," located across battle ground states, and according to Mad Dog PAC Founder Claude Taylor, drivers in Michigan could see another dozen statewide before the midterm election.

Taylor identifies as a longtime democratic activist, and is a former White House staffer for the Bill Clinton Administration, working to flip Congress to impeach President Trump and ban assault weapons.

"Civilians are being given access to military-grade weaponry; that has no place on the market," Taylor told FOX 17 Thursday. "And the NRA is more responsible for that than any other entity in our political system."

The NRA has not responded to FOX 17 for comment, but published a Facebook video in response to this billboard first erected in Florida about a month ago. Their video reads, "Another anti-gun billboard takes aim at NRA’s 5 million members as part of an extreme leftist ‘End the NRA’ campaign. To all American gun owners, the violent left will stop at nothing to destroy our freedom."

"[The NRA qualifies] as a terrorist organization," said Taylor. "I have kids in school. I think the kids we see fleeing on the news every week, the kids we see fleeing out of elementary and high schools after a severe shooting incident, in our mind, the NRA is facilitating those tragedies."

Taylor says the billboards are anti-GOP, anti-Trump and anti-NRA, which typically run on eight to 12-week cycles and cost between $5,000 to $7,000 per cycle.

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  • Bob

    Democrats are all anti-GOP, anti-Trump and anti-NRA. They are anti almost everything Except they are in favor of illegal immigration and abortion.

      • Mac Woods

        Actually, he has a point. The second amendment exists specifically for Americans to be armed to such an extent as to discourage any government from abusing its power. Like the one chartered by King George III et al to keep the colonists from having any autonomy, and enacting an absurdly excessive tax structure; and enforcing these laws (wait for it) with guns! If you think your government won’t attack American citizens, then I would suggest picking up a history book.

        • B

          The US Military is not a terror org. Far from it. But you keep saying Government when unslaved specifically said military. Do you think our military would attack Americans? Do you think they would attack their own friends and family? Do you think they don’t know right from wrong? Do you think they are not there to PROTECT THE CONSITITUTION? The same Constitution that give us the right to own firearms? People bash our military because either they do not have the balls to enlist, don’t live in America, are refugees trying to act tough, or they got rejected.

          • Bud

            Those in the military obey the orders of their commanders. They are a military unit – not free to independently follow orders they agree to and ignore orders they don’t agree with.

  • Bud

    Democrats cannot state FACTS because they never support their position.
    Democrats have been proven to be pathological liars and can only argue feelings.

  • Kevin Rahe

    I find it curious that some on the left attack the one organization that does more than any other to defend the 2nd Amendment, when the rest of their rhetoric suggests they are in greater fear of what the 2nd Amendment was intended to protect us from than anyone else.


    The Democratic party is the terrorist group!! LIBERALISM IS COMMUNISM!! THE NRA IS MADE up of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS! You take our 2nd amendment rights then they WILL want to take more and more! Hence the saying ” give a inch, they take a mile”!! Come on people!! SMH!!

  • GGWG

    A total load of sheit concocted by the loony left liberals who are shilling for the Dems. Simply following orders to push the ignorant agenda.
    The FACT is, the UN declared CAIR a terrorist organisation ( Google it) , Shall we talk about the Ferguson riots ? , How about the Black panthers? or maybe Black lives matter ? Antifa? No? All of the above have been responsible for riots, attacking police, burning police cars, destroying public property? attacking Trump supporters. I could go on for pages.\\
    No the NRA is not, The liberals are.

  • Mark

    It is interesting that when the liberals don’t like something like a cross in Grand Haven or historical monuments, they claim to be offended and demand that they be removed,. But when others are offended by the hate speech on a billboard they cry free speech. Quite hypocritical don’t you think? Well I am offended by a billboard that calls law-abiding people, exercising their constitutional rights, Terrorists. This should actually help the Republicans in the mid-terms like Hillary’s deplorable comments.

  • M444ss

    NRA has never engaged in or advocated violence to achieve political aims; therefore, not a terrorist org – the allegation is demonstrably and patently false. NRA ought to get an injunction against such ads and also file a defamation suit.

  • Mac Woods

    A bumper sticker extremely popular in the 70s & 80s, and persisted even into the early 90s, had a message which is still true: “Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than all of my guns”.

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