Several home owners complain of crumbling asphalt, shoddy work

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BARRY COUNTY, Mich. -- Homeowners in Barry County say their driveway is still a mess after hiring an asphalt contractor.

"That's dirt. That's just black gravel," Bob Davis said.

Davis said his driveway is crumbling despite paying Ace Asphalt and Paving $9,000 dollars to pave it.

"This stuff looks good when they first doing it. He sprays it after he does it, and it's real black and it looks like real asphalt," Davis explained.

But the Delton man said after hiring Ace in June 2016 it started breaking down in a matter of months after Ace used it's recycled Econo-Pave asphalt. Davis said the company ignored him for over a year after skimping on quantity and quality.

Jim Butler said, "Real personable and a real smooth talker. But he's a crook to be honest with."

He said he also hired Ace Asphalt and Paving and dealt Don Burke. But he said he had to pay another company to redo his driveway after Ace allegedly created a mess and ignored his calls.

Butler said, "You never hear from him. If you call again you don't get anything. Just got his money and gone and that's it."

Ric Blesch said, "I think I sued him for 5,500 which I won."

Blesch said he cut his loses by a couple grand to file and win in small claims court, and he said Burke came back to supposedly fix the problem. But once again, he said it's a mess.

Davis said, "It's not a valid material for the driveway. I want a refund, and he ought to be giving everybody a refund. He ought to be out of business."

Don Burke, owner of Ace Asphalt and Paving in Grand Rapids, told FOX 17 no comment. But he did offer to say he stands by his work, he always offers to repair any issues, and says there are many more people who will speak favorably of his work.

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