Another burst of snow before it warms up

WEST MICHIGAN- This cold pattern has remained in place over the last several days.  The good news: it will end soon.  The bad news?  Not before another burst of snow.

It was more difficult to tell where the heavier bands of snow were this morning.  If you broke out the FOX 17 weather app on your phone, you noticed the radar was quiet around Grand Rapids. That's because the radar is being serviced until Friday, so there's a lull in coverage.

By Wednesday's commute, we'll be dealing with warmer temperatures and rain.  This shouldn't be too much of an issue with temperatures being well above freezing.

By late night Wednesday, temperatures are expected to be above freezing.  This is important for obvious reasons, but comparison to Tuesday morning's snow, it's a different impact.  Temperatures to start Tuesday were in the mid to upper 20s.  That's the main reason we saw slick conditions in the morning.  I don't expect much more than some light accumulation in the grass.

Not interested in the snow?  No problem.  A warming trend looks to continue through the weekend and into early next week!

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