Jacksonville business will keep flags flying after city inspector issues warning, disrespects veteran in store

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville business will be able to keep its military flags flying after a city inspector issued a citation Monday demanding that they be taken down.

According to employees at Jaguar Power Sports, the city inspector, Melinda Power, went into the store around noon Monday and issued the citation, saying the flags violated city code. The rooftop display included two U.S. flags, flags representing each branch for the military and another one representing the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to WJXT.

The warning didn’t sit well with a customer—a military veteran who told Power that he thought it was wrong to take down the flags.

That touched off a tense exchange involving the city inspector and the customer. Witnesses said Power questioned what the customer had done for his country. He responded that he was a retired veteran who took three bullets to the leg for his country.

Witnesses said Power responded by saying, “You did nothing for this country.”

Store managers refused to take down the flags. The business posted a video on its Facebook page detailing what happened. That video attracted an overwhelming amount of attention on social media. As of early Tuesday morning it’s been viewed more than 3.7 million times and has been shared more than 155,000 times.

Dozens of people have shared the video to the FOX 17 Facebook page as well.

“We just had the city of Jacksonville here onsite to cite us for our military flags,” an employee said in the video. “We just got a ticket for flying military flags. They cited us for every flag because they were mad that we had flags flying at the top of the building.”

The incredulous employee asked people to share what happened.

“They told us to take them down or go to court over it. Are you serious right now? And then [they] have the nerve to tell our military vet in our store that ‘you’ve done nothing for our country?’ How do you think that went over?”

The employee called the situation “ridiculous” and said the city was “picking on the small guys” over the flags.

The incident soon got the attention of the mayor’s office.

“I have directed city staff that military flags should be treated same as U.S. flag. Let them fly,” Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry tweeted. “I have reached out to the business owner and will review employee procedures. COJ employees [are] expected to be respectful of our customers—you, the people of Jacksonville. We support our military and veterans, and we appreciate businesses that honor their service.”

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  • Robert E Lee

    What has that bi#$h every done for the country? I bet she is a Progressive! She probably still has her panties in a bunch because Trump is pres. LOL!!! Working as a city inspector, she is the problem. Lets have less inspectors nosing around restricting your freedoms and more Flags flying… Thanks to the man who “did nothing for his country” for taking a few bullets so that idiot progressive can run her mouth. I bet ISIS would like her. To bad she did not take the bullets (in the leg?)

  • Unslaved

    Veterans didn’t do anything for anyone but the evil people that run the world. All soldiers and police are just attack dogs for evil. No matter what they say, they were always doing it for the paycheck, not the country.

    • Robert E Lee

      Like the WWII vets? Your a fool!! Probably a progressive ANTIFA member right? I bet you wouldn’t say that to a solders face! unless it was in a “safe zone” whiny little bi#$h. How have you protected this country? have you done a damn thing, besides take from the country. A country that has given you opportunities no one else in the world has? A country that allows you to run your mouth like the fool you are.

    • Robert E Lee

      For the paycheck? there you go again acting a fool! check the pay rates. posting a link to some propaganda your a true socialist aren’t you?

  • Robert E Lee

    Unslaved is pushing a propaganda film. if you comment negatively on the film it automatically changes your comment to say that you agree with him and the film. A typical move by a progressive socialist. Silence the dissent. you can not disagree with them. Fox should remove his link, this is not a forum for socialist propaganda.