PAC’s ‘NRA is a terrorist organization’ billboard vandalized

Former "NRA is a terrorist organization" billboard

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A political action committee’s billboard along eastbound I-94 near Battle Creek calling the National Rifle Association a “terrorist organization” was vandalized less than a week after it was installed.

Mad Dog PAC’s Founder Claude Taylor, whose organization fundraised and installed about 50 similar billboards nationwide currently, says this is a criminal matter.

“West Michigan right wingers and Trumpers value their Second Amendment over our First Amendment,” Taylor told FOX 17 by phone Tuesday.

He said the billboard company filed a police report and is sending a team to the scene to address the vandalism. Taylor says the vinyl of that billboard was stolen and called this a crime. He says they will look for a more inaccessible billboard available to reinstall it with their statement, “The NRA is a terrorist organization.”

Temporarily, a digital version of this billboard will be located at East Michigan Avenue and South Harrison Road in East Lansing.

This billboard was installed April 11, and was the first statewide from Mad Dog PAC working to ban assault weapons and elect a democratic Congress in this year’s Midterm Election.


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  • Michael

    If you don’t agree with the second amendment work to get it changed. Name calling on a billboard doesn’t solve anything and is just childish. It’s about as effective as all these protests without any actual action.

  • ok

    sounds like slander to me .. and every one that supports the NRA is a terrorist , per Claude Taylor . throw some law suits his way . drain his funds ..

    • Shawn Hannity

      I don’t know why they bothered with a billboard there. The knuckle dragging ammosexuals will never put their families ahead of their guns.

  • Joe Canuski

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA….Now that’s what I call JENGA!!! Only 49 more to go….these eyesores need to vanish no matter what the content, but displaying false and deceitful information on a billboard?? Come on libtards, get a job or life! MOLON LABE!! :)

    • lorrilane

      if the NRA hadnt attacked these kids …for fighting for their LIVES. ..none of this crap would be happening. Every American has the right to LIVE. GOD GIVEN RIGHT. I am from a long line of gun owners. i dont have a problem with stricter back ground checks. Banning bumpstocks…and weapons designed for nothing more than murder. My right to own a gun does NOT over ride ANY ONES RIGHT TO LIFE My Grandfather was an NRA member as was my Dad… back before they became the Aholes they are now. What the hell is wrong with people attacking these kids? the victims…and victimize them again with insane attacks threats…etc…seriously is this what America has become? Grown folks bullying teens…whats next elementary schools…or daycares? Grow the hell up people..its our responsibility as gun owners to protect…not harm.