Jenna Core ties Spring Lake home run record

SPRING LAKE, Mich -- Jenna Core hit her 16th career home last Thursday in a win over Allendale tying the schools all-time home run record.

"I was just looking to get on and advance the runners" Core said. "I knew we were close to a mercy I was just trying to get the team in a better position."

She did not know until after she hit it that it tied the school record.

"I was pretty shocked because I didn't know that was even being kept track of" the junior left fielder added. "I knew when I was a freshman I got the most in a season with 9 but I didn't know how many the most was so it was cool to get that so it's like marked in place."

Jenna's dad is also her head coach, Bill Core is in his 29th season leading the Lakers softball program.

"It was pretty special" Bill said. "I was trying just to treat it like another home run from our players, but as a father and the head coach it was a pretty special moment."

Jenna got to keep the home run ball, in fact, she has all 16 of her career home run balls.

"Right now they are in a bucket" Jenna said. "I might need to get a bigger one because it's not that big."

The Lakers have not played since the win last Thursday, but are scheduled to resume OK Blue play next Tuesday hosting Sparta for a doubleheader.

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