Man allegedly confessed to brother’s murder; has history of mental illness, homicidal thoughts

WALKER, Mich. -- Records filed in Kent County Probate Court in 2014 show Christian Burns has a history of mental illness and homicidal thoughts. Burns is a suspect in his brother's murder.

Walker Police said he confessed to killing his brother, Nicholas, Monday morning.

Monday's shooting took place at The Orchards Apartments on 4 Mile Road, but the probable cause affidavit doesn't say much more than that. The 2014 records detail a previous, serious altercation between him and his brother. (It’s not clear if it is the same brother who was shot).

The nearly 4-year-old records show Christian had suicidal and homicidal thoughts in the past, made threats, had delusions, hallucinations and angry outbursts. A doctor made these observations in 2014 after Christian got into a physical fight with his brother, and police were called.

Following that same incident, a medical social worker interviewed Christian and quoted him as saying he was suicidal and he wanted the police to kill him.

Christian also allegedly told police he had two guns at home and that he wanted to kill people. He said he didn't really mean it, but the record states he did want to kill animals to see if it "helps."

Documents also show Christian is bipolar. However, it’s not clear when that diagnosis was made. Records indicate that as of that 2014 fight, he had not been taking his prescribed medications.

FOX 17 reached out to Walker Police for an update on the case and any possible motive but have not heard back. Christian Burns is due back in court May 1.

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