Spoil mom with some unique gifts this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Sure, mom loves the handmade noodle jewelry box and the beaded necklaces from preschool, but this year let’s do a little more for the mom or grandma who is always doing more for everyone else. Mompreneurs Carly Dorogi and Sherri French from Capital M Media share some unique and appreciated Mother’s Day gift options. For more information and discount codes for these items, head to www.hellocapitalm.com and to the Watch and Shop section.

  1. JURA



Product: JURA J6

  • An expression of good taste, with JURA exclusive technology for the ultimate coffee beverages at home.
  • Easy selection of 13 popular drinks – from classic coffee to cappuccino, latte macchiato and the trendy flat white – at the touch of a button.
  • Intelligent Water System for automatic filter detection, easy to clean and maintain.


  1. Paper Culture


Product: Foil Photo Prints (12 prints and bamboo stand) $29.99

  • Paper Culture designs sustainable products, and plants a tree with every order- over 650,000 trees have been planted to date .
  • Made with 100% recycled paper, these photo prints come with a beautiful bamboo stand to display your favorite memories.
  • Upload your favorite memories in seconds and you'll have a beautiful product for Mother's Day as well as a beautiful product for the planet.


  1. Skylight Frame


Product: Skylight 10'' Plus. $159 (+ shipping)

  • Skylight is a touch-screen photo frame you can update by email from anywhere.
  • Each frame has its own email address. Give it to mom, and everyone in the family just emails pictures to it, and they'll pop up in seconds.
  • Mom can set it up in under a minute. It is effortless to get photos- she just has to sit back and wait for them to arrive.
  1. KaraLyn Street


Product: Bronze Calypso (Blue and gold beads) $28, Pearl Triple Wrap Bracelet $34, Gold Pearl Earrings $10, Silver Rhea (Rose) $26, Quartz Triple Wrap $34, Silver Calypso (Metallic Bead) $28, Silver Magic Triple Wrap $28, Silver Mini Druzy Earrings $10

  • The name KaraLyn Street came from both owners' middle names (Rachelle Kara and Stephanie Lyn) who have been best friends since they were 15 years old.
  • They are known for designing and handcrafting jewelry that is unique, stylish and effortless. Their lariat necklaces and wrap bracelets have no clasps making them super easy to put on.
  • Their jewelry is set at great price points because they take into consideration the amount they would be willing to purchase jewelry for themselves.


  1. Bangle Stacker


Product: Clear/ Black Acrylic Bangle Stacker $15.99, Pink/ Black Flocked (velvety)  Bangle Stacker $19.99

  • Bangle Stacker features 5 vertical Posts to hold multiple jewelry items. It’s the only product in the market with multiple vertical posts.
  • No more digging through your jewelry box.  The Bangle Stacker lets you see everything neatly on your dresser.
  • Perfect for hair ties too.
  1. Justin Jean LLC


Product: Beechwood Booty Short Separates for women $39, Beechwood Booty Short Set (short sleeves) for women $68, Beechwood Booty Short Tank Set $65, Va Va Vasto Capri Set women $69, The Delco Nightdress for women: on sale for $48, The Brooklyn Pajama Set for women (long sleeve set with thumb holes!) $76

  • Made from the softest Rayon Spandex Blend that washes easily, keeps its shape and gets softer with each wash!
  • Each pajama comes packaged in a reusable zipper bag and coordinating bow scrunchie to match the fun pajama prints meant to uplift and inspire women to live their best life.
  • Three ruffles on the back of the pjs stand for authenticity, integrity, and passion, - and they bring back the innocence we so easily lose in adulthood.


  1. BGD (Brittany Garner Design)


Product: 15 oz Mugs - $20
21 oz Wine Glasses - $16
Adult Tees -  $28
Kid Tees - $25

  • Original products are all designed by work at home mom of 2 boys and printed professionally in the USA
  • BGD mugs are sturdy and large to hold the copious amounts of coffee moms need
  • BGD tees are super soft, fun and fit like a dream



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