Garry, Davis ride Cedar Point’s new coaster

SANDUSKY, OHIO -- The Dragster, Millenium Force, the Gemini and now Steel Vengeance -- Cedar Point is defending its title as Coast Capitol of the World.

Built with steel and wood, Steel Vengeance is the amusement park's first hybrid-coaster.

Located inside the FrontierTown section of the park, the coaster takes riders back to the wild west.

Riders will reach a height of 205 feet and will experience a 90-degree drop.  This coaster is also breaking records as riders will experience 30 seconds of airtime which is more than any other coaster.

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  • CS

    I love how he says “Well first, this is the first steel on wood roller coaster in the world” which is absolutely false. Then the article says “Steel Vengeance is the amusement park’s first hybrid-coaster.” which is absolutely false as well (Considering Gemini [1978] is Steel Vengeance’s neighboring ride). If you say you did some research on the ride, please report it correctly.