School officials admit homework question was ‘highly inappropriate’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Florida school is thanking a father for bringing a ‘highly inappropriate’ homework assignment to their attention.

Omar Austin demanded answers from Westside High School in Jacksonville after seeing his 11th-grade daughter’s homework for anatomy class, according to WTLV.

Austin posted a Facebook video of himself reading from the homework with the caption, “This needs to be seen. WTH is going on in our schools???”

One of the questions on the assignment read:

Ursula was devastated when her boyfriend broke up with her after having sex. To get revenge, she had sex with his best friend the next day. Ursula had a beautiful baby girl 9 months later. Ursula has type O blood, her ex-boyfriend is type AB blood, and his best friend is type A blood. If her baby daddy is her ex-boyfriend, what could her baby’s possible blood type(s) NOT be?”

Austin said he thought it was a joke at first, telling WTLV that the it was a question better left for “reality TV and soap operas,” and lacked morality.

“The words ‘baby daddy’ and ‘baby mama’ being used, that’s foresight,” Austin told WTLV. “The fact that she’s having sex with one guy and to get revenge on this guy she has sex with his best friend the next day? I mean, that’s just not something that I want to teach any student.”

Austin said he doesn’t fault the school after the principal told him the assignment came from the school district, so now he is pushing for change from Duval County Public Schools.

School district officials said in a statement to WTLV that “the question was highly inappropriate and was not part of a district assessment.” Duval County Public Schools thanked Austin for speaking out and said they are conducting a full review of the situation to find out how a student could have received that worksheet.

Officials added that “appropriate and corrective action will be taken.”

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  • P

    Sounds like normal democratic liberal teaching. They probably taught the way right way put a condom on a banana. Or maybe the wrong way since she got pregnant.

  • Jacqueline Frisbie

    I totally agree with this father and I even wonder where in the heck is the life of this nation’s people going? We could all get back to God and the principles He gave us to live by. We took God out of our lives, our schools, and anywhere we could and we have been going downhill ever since. May “HE” help us all.

  • Michael

    It’s an 11th graders school assignment not a 3rd grade. I don’t see a problem with it. If anything the question outlines why doing that is a bad idea. You cant tell me this student isn’t educated in the birds and the bees yet.

  • Mac Woods

    Given the demographics of Duval County in general and Jacksonville in particular; this question actually applies to a substantial majority of those to whom it appeared. Obviously, it is offensive to those for whom such a situation isn’t an option, but the previously noted demographics are being served. You know. “Diversity & Inclusion”. I mean, to whom exactly is the term “baby daddy” intelligible? No one I know. Evidently too, the feminist approach to empowerment (at least for whomever designed the curriculum at this school) is to have casual sex with the sole purpose of being impregnated. Great way to start a life of independence & accomplishment.