Tribute on the Grand canceled

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich - A big summer concert event that raises money and awareness for Grand Rapids Whitewater is being put on hold.

Tribute on the Grand was scheduled for its third year in Ah-Nab-Awen Park this August, but GRWW and their partnering organization, Founders Brewing, made the tough decision to cancel the event.

The free,  all-day concert featured live music from cover bands from all over the country, family-friendly activities, food and beer. It was the marquee event to get the West Michigan community involved and educated on the project working to restore the Grand River through downtown Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids Whitewater and Founders say it was a tough decision to table the event, but the move will help them re-allocate time and resources into the river project itself.

Grand Rapids Whitewater Project Manager, Matt Chapman, said, "We finally have a goal that is getting closer and closer in sight and that goal is filing our construction permits and submitting final designs for the engineering plan. That's really what our effort has to be focused on right now: to get those plans in, so hopefully in a few years here, we can actually see some construction starting in the river."

Founders still plans on holding smaller community fundraising events in the near future, but no details have been released.


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  • C

    So, what’s the reason? Could it have been a lack of interest by the public? Personally, I don’t think that the entire project is being as well received as the promoters think.

  • Old Bob

    Just a way for the jerks that want to change the river to thank everyone who was dumb enough to contribute any money to the project.

    • Mac Woods

      Bob. If by “change” you mean the removal of the low head dams from the (formerly & historically) Grand River, with the goal of restoring the genuine rapids for which our fair city is named; then I would ask, what reason could you possibly have for opposing it? As I recall, you were not at all happy with the marina development project in Saugatuck, citing environmental reasons. Yet here, with an opportunity to yank all of those concrete slabs out of there, and restore the natural flow, you seem oddly in favor maintaining them. They didn’t belong in there from day one. But they served a purpose in their day. I will concede that. But that purpose hasn’t been relevant or in use since about 1900.