Students plan walkout to stand for their second amendment rights

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Students across the nation are planning walk outs at their schools Wednesday to stand up for their Second Amendment rights.

The “Stand for the Second” campaign was founded by a student in Carlsbad, New Mexico and he is asking students to join him in a 16-minute walk out.

The student participating in this walk out are trying to shed light on citizen’s rights to bear arms.

Some West Michigan schools participating according to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund are:

  • East Kentwood High School
  • Unity Christian High School
  • City High Middle School
  • Northview High School

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  • Bob

    Mostly likely the students who walk out will be suspended or expelled. Most West Michigan school administrators and teachers hate the 2nd amendment.

  • C

    I’m going to guess that the GPA of these students is well above those of the half-wit robots that call themselves ‘Democrats’ and parade around constantly with their repetitive anti-gun, anti-Trump and typically empty headed drivel that they all know and love.