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How to make Taco Cookies for your Cinco de Mayo celebration

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These sweet treats give "taco bar" a whole new meaning. There will be plenty of salty and savory food at your Cinco de Mayo celebration, so why not bring "Taco Cookies"? They are very easy to make and will have people saying, "Que Bueno!" Plus, it could be a fun craft for the kids as long as you help with the cutting part.


  • package of vanilla sandwich cookies
  • coconut
  • green food coloring
  • chocolate frosting (will acts as the "beef")
  • vanilla frosting (best to buy in a tube with a small tip. It will be piped on top like sour cream, BUT we just put some vanilla frosting in a sandwich bag and cut one small corner of the bag to make a pastry bag)
  • yellow and orange jimmies (the long sprinkles you put on ice cream OR you can slice up any other yellow/orange candy, too. We used Starburst!)
  • red hots
  • serrated knife
  • butter knife


1.) Delicately pull a sandwich cookie apart and then cut off the vanilla frosting that was holding them together, placing frosting to the side

2.) Saw one half of the cookie, in half. Out of one whole cookie, you'll actually get to make four tacos!

3.) In another bowl, pour your coconut and then mix with some green food coloring. This will act as your "lettuce".


Rather than explaining step by step, it's best to watch us in action or follow this link.

Enjoy! Hope you have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo!

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