‘Music Therapy’ helping Mary Free Bed patients get their groove back

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A West Michigan rehabilitation hospital is adopting a unique type of therapy for patients recovering from an injury or illness.

Music therapy at Mary Free Bed is helping people get their groove back in a number of ways, including with a drum set.

Frank Chapa, a patient at Mary Free Bed, suffered a brain bleed that impacted some of his motor and cognitive skills. He's now using music therapy to help his recovery process.

"The rhythm, you can get people going with the drums, people like them," Chapa said. "And if you play the right rhythm, everyone will follow. It's pretty cool."

The drums help patients like Frank train their movement patterns again.

"So the fact he was able, as with musical experience as a drummer, reach and maintain grasp with the left side of his body and coordinate it so he was playing in time, shows some intact motor skills, " said Peter Muskiewicz, a music therapist at Mary Free Bed.

Click here for more information about Mary Free Bed's Music Therapy program.


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