BBB warns of email phishing scam targeting seniors

WEST MICHIGAN -- Any email claiming you owe money should be questioned, and the Better Business Bureau says there's a ploy that tries to get you to click on an attachment in order to learn more information. However, that attachment could lead to your information being stolen or malware being installed on your computer.

The sender claims your credit card will be charged a fee. The email contains a password-protected PDF attachment that supposedly provides further details. The BBB says the concern is for senior citizens who may be more susceptible to falling for a such an online scheme.

John Masterson, with the Better Business Bureau said, "That attachment could be anything."

He explained, "It kind of makes you curious. You're like, 'Now I'm getting charged and why is this?' You know, here's the information. So you, some people may just download it and run with it and once they do, again, anything can happen to their computer, their accounts, their information."

The BBB says a senior living in an assisted living facility reported this to the organization to help warn others. It's important to be aware of loved ones activities online, warn them of these types of schemes and be sure to ask questions.

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