Songwriter takes #1 spot in national competition, needs help to win

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - A West Michigan singer/songwriter is asking for your help to win a world-wide song competition held in Nashville, TN.

Paul Krieg, a worship leader at Ada Bible Church, is currently ranked #1 in the Nashville Songwriters Association International Competition (NSAI) with his song, 'I Still Do.' You can listen to the full studio version and cast your vote by clicking the link.

Krieg says he started playing the drums when he was six, and that's when music became his favorite language. He's now a father of two, married to his wife Sara for 16 years.

"The song is about unconditional love, in a marriage you need to be quick to forgive each other," Krieg said. "It reminds me a lot of God's love for us, how he forgives us for the small and big things."

If Kreig wins the competition, he'll be put in the national spotlight, rubbing elbows with top producers and writers in Nashville. Voting ends June 31 at Midnight. You can hear more of Paul's music on Soundcloud.


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