Muskegon Heights youth running together

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- After Marquis Gresham passed away in 2014, his mentor Perry Bennor wanted to organize a group of people to run in the Fifth Third River Bank Run in his honor.

Now, every year since then, Perry has continued to gather a group of youth from Muskegon County to honor their friends and other young people who have lost their lives.

One of this year's participants, Marcquez Villas, said it's a sign of support. "Everyone can lose someone and we all can just get together and love one another and just be there for each other."

Perry hopes the group can also promote peace. "Here we are one big group. No one is against anyone else. We're all here to be together and ultimately we are livin the life that Marquis couldn't live because someone took his life. Violence produces more violence. We want love to overcome violence."

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