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The health risks and benefits of vaccinating your kids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- It’s a controversial decision that not only affects the health of your kids but possibly the health and well-being of others. We’re talking about whether or not to vaccinate your children.

When you have six children, like Kimberly Spaak, you get pretty good at counting.

"Being a mom is already so stressful and so hard and so when I see mom pitted against mom it breaks my heart because we should be banning together," Spaak said, who refuses to vaccinate her kids.

But counting on others is not her thing.

"Nobody is going to take responsibility for my children except for me," she said. "Whether my child gets injured taking a vaccine and there's a reaction from it or whether they get some type of disease because I've made a choice to not get them vaccinated, ultimately, I’m the one who's responsible," Spaak said.

She and her husband made the decision to not vaccinate after they say their nephew lost all motor skills because of vaccines. They started doing research and ended up deciding to go vaccine-free.

"The kids are healthy they don't have to see the doctor a whole lot,  can I attribute that to not having them vaccinated, I cannot but can I attribute it to the fact we live a different lifestyle than most people, I believe I can," Spaak said.

Spaak homeschools her children who are all gluten and dairy-free. When one of her kids is starting to fall ill, they head to their chiropractor,  Dr. Andres Sampedro, from Natural Choice Chiropractic.

"I believe we should have a choice when [it] comes to healthcare," said Dr.Sampedro, who believes in healing the body naturally.

"I believe in not looking for a way to temporarily protect myself, rather how can I strengthen my immune system so that I can avoid sickness and illness, he said.

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, children entering kindergarten in the state of Michigan must show proof of immunization for measles, pertussis, polio, mumps, rubella, hepatitis, chicken pox, diphtheria, and tetanus.

If a parent doesn’t want their child to receive those immunizations, that’s allowed under state law, but they have to sign a waiver and receive education on the risks.

"If a parent comes to a school nurse and tells us they don't want their child to receive immunizations state law requires us to inform them they can waive their rights to immunizations, but they need to go to the health department and participate in an education session," said Stephanie Painter, the School Health Program Director, GRPS.

In 2015, a new rule was put in place, requiring parents opting out of any vaccines to make an appointment at the health department and receive education on the risks.

Mary Wisinski with the Kent County health department says the overall waiver rates decreased by more than 30 percent.

2018 ImmunizationWaiver Sample 

"What happened when we brought the waivers to the health department is we decreased those waivers of convenience," Wisinski said.

"We educate the parent about the risks and benefits if they choose to listen, it seems most concerns fall around vaccine safety, vaccine schedule, vaccine ingredients."

Those ingredients are part of the reason Dr. Sampedro opted out of vaccines, he believes health comes from strengthening the body naturally, instead.

"If there was a way you could improve everything that works in your body heart liver stomach in your system if there was a way you can improve how your body works naturally without drugs, without side effects would you try it?" Sampedro said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, common ingredients in vaccines include thimerosal, aluminum, gelatin, human serum albumin, antibiotics, egg proteins, and yeast proteins just to name a few.

"Some ingredients are harmful if they were in our food [and] would not be okay by the FDA, but they're okay in vaccinations and certain people can react," Spaak said.

But we're told those reactions are rare.

"Am I going to tell you 100 percent vaccines will never cause a problem? I can't do that, a majority of problems with vaccines are very mild a mild fever, pain, redness at the injection site," Wisinski said.

"A lot of parents have misinformation about the vaccines, they're worried about side effects that don't occur they're worried the child may be getting too many endogenous at the same time and those are things we have to alleviate by talking," said Dr. Dan McGee, a pediatric hospitalist at Spectrum Health.

The FDA must approve a vaccine before it can be used in the United States. Safety and effectiveness of the vaccine are also evaluated by highly trained FDA scientists and doctors. After vaccines are licensed, they are monitored closely as people start using them, making sure the benefits continue to outweigh the risks.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says they have not seen any deaths in recent years related to vaccine-preventable diseases, aside from the flu, but according to the CDC, in 2014, there were three deaths in Michigan caused by vaccines. Spaak believes that number is low.

"There is no way every vaccine-injured person has been recorded," Spaak said.

But health experts say the benefits continue to outweigh the risks and worry without vaccines, we'd have widespread disease and say vaccinations are a social responsibility because those with weaker immune systems can't be vaccinated.

"The worst repercussion of not getting vaccines is death," Dr. McGee said. "These are diseases that are preventable that cause death in some children."

But Spaak and Dr. Sampedro stand by their decision, saying they will not be consumed by fear.

"Part of the issue with vaccines is that whole system medical system is fear based so they put fear into people to do it if you don't vaccinate you will get this you will do this you will die from this and while true, in some cases, I believe that if we improve our system naturally we can avoid all that," Sampedro said.

"This is not an ethical issue for me, it's not a moral right or wrong it's a have you done the research you need to do for your family and make the right decision for you and your kids," Spaak said.

Another debate, the fear vaccinations could cause autism in children. Doctors have dismissed that theory. Dr. McGee did address that and said: "there is no proof vaccines are linked to autism in any way."

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  • Kevin Rahe

    You would be hard pressed to find parents who’ve gone to more trouble and expense to vaccinate their children than my wife and I have. Some vaccines have ethical issues because they were cultured using cells from an aborted baby. There are also serious safety concerns about those same vaccines due to the fragments of human DNA they contain. These include the popular MMR. So we seek alternatives to those and have forgone vaccines for some diseases because no alternatives were available. Unfortunately for younger parents, ethical and safe alternative vaccines for measles and mumps were withdrawn from the market in recent years, about which we are very concerned.

  • Unslaved

    A proper diet will bolster anyone’s immune system better than vaccines. The “highly trained doctors and scientists” at the FDA are trained to know how to make people money…making people healthy is a totally different issue.

  • Iris Figueroa

    This nation has no health experts. They’re all pharma captured creatures that haven’t read the actual science. They’re trained to rinse and repeat what they’re told to rinse and repeat. The bottom line will always be that while the more the vaccine schedule grows, the sicklier, more diseased our children become. If medicine is good, why are children’s health statistics horrendous? You don’t inject diseases and believe you’re preventing diseases. That’s just as genius as playing in traffic, to NOT get hit by a car.

  • Tammy Jean Bowman

    The worst repercussion to vaccination is death. We no longer vaccinate. My talking girl had an MMR vaccine at age 1 year and stopped speaking, diagnosed autistic. Youngest child developed facial tics and rapid blinking after TDAP. I have MS from hepatitis b vaccine. Vaccines are dangerous drugs. Buyer beware. Vaccine manufacturers have no liability. It’s never acceptable to sacrifice a healthy neurological system for temporary, if any, immunity to a germ one may never encounter.

    • NTB

      Bravo to any parent who has not accepted the standard lines as gospel and has done the independent research necessary to make a good decision. Parents should be very well informed about the risks before jumping in line for vaccines. Study the illnesses and what harm they can bring, or not. And study the vaccines. The ingredients. Look at VAERS for some data. Read the package insert. And never let someone put something into your children that you wouldn’t put in a sippy cup and let them drink.

    • TheReal Truther (@thereal_truther)


      The worst repercussion to NOT vaccinating is death. While we still see deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases in the world (including 50+ in Europe like this 9 month old baby https://www.9news.com.au/world/2018/04/07/08/18/romania-measles-epidemic-kills-46-baby) a “vaccine death” is so rare it’s almost impossible to find a medically verified and confirmed one. I would challenge this commentator to list 10 “vaccine deaths” in the last decade in the US (without resorting to anti-vax industry sponsored websites or VAERS/Courts.)

      Out of 25 Million Vaccinations, Only 33 People Had a Serious Reaction:

      Vaccination and 30-Day Mortality Risk in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

      MMR doesn’t cause autism. This has been proven. Even the producer of VAXXED, which has believed MMR causes autism has admitted the cause of autism IS NOT the MMR (please sign our petition: https://www.change.org/p/vaxxed-com-ask-former-daytime-tv-producer-del-bigtree-to-apologize-for-his-film-vaxxed)

      A common misunderstanding is that the VICP shields manufacturers from all liability. They are still subject to manufacturing and labeling defect claims in the civil court. And ANYONE can sue in civil court after a vaccine court decisions if they wish.

      “The special master’s decision may be appealed and petitioners who reject the decision of the court (or withdraw their petitions within certain timelines) may file a claim in civil court against the vaccine company and/or the health care provider who administered the vaccine.”


      Don’t fall for the propaganda by the for-profit anti-vax industry who is trying to get you to decline vaccines and spend money on the multi-billion dollar “wellness” industry, an industry now worth THREE TIMES global pharma!

      • Derp

        Vaccines are a great way to make permanent customers for big pharma. The rapid succession of vaccines in the “currently accepted” schedule is what causes the most damage. Vaccines may be safe, however, when 40+ are administered in less than two years, the immune system can’t handle it. No study on vaccines has ever taken into account the OTHER vaccines being thrown on top of them.
        I find it ironic that you call yourself a “truther” and you push propaganda. How much is Pfizer paying you? ;)

        • doritmi

          I’m not sure why you think that. I recommend reading about “concomitant studies”. Before a vaccine is licensed, manufacturers need to show not only that the vaccine is safe by itself, but that it’s safe with the rest of the schedule – and that’s been done since the 1970s. In other words, today we have hundreds of studies looking at vaccine combinations in different ways showing that the schedule is not less safe (in fact, it’s safer) than in the 1970s.

          In 2013, the Institute of Medicine review the schedule in a report titled “The Childhood IMMUNIZATION SCHEDULE and Safety” and found no safety concerns related to it.

          • doritmi

            This is where it is important to read the entire report. The language you are referring to is part of the IOM’s explanation that there is no good evidence supporting concerns, but the report covers an extensive literature review, and after reviewing that data finds no real safety concerns. There was abundant data. It did not point to concerns. It’s a lengthy report addressing many studies.

          • vinu arumugham

            The Institute of Medicine (IOM) lamented in 2012 that “for the majority of cases (135 vaccine-adverse event pairs), the evidence was inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship.”
            Stratton K, Ford A, Rusch E, Clayton EW. Adverse Effects of Vaccines : Evidence and Causality. Injury. 2011. 0-24 p.

            How did the 2013 committee cook up the safety evidence for the schedule when the 2012 committee could NOT find the evidence of safety EVEN for the individual vaccines?

          • doritmi

            I am not sure why you find it strange that reports looking at different questions – and hence at different bodies of evidence – address the specific question before them, and not others.

            If you read that report it, too, included extensive evidence. The Institute of Medicine was simply extremely careful, and would not reject causation – even when no good evidence showed it – without a specific type of high quality evidence.

          • vinu arumugham

            “without a specific type of high quality evidence.”
            So you admit that they don’t have specific type of high quality evidence needed to conclude that the vaccines are safe. Thank you.

      • vinu arumugham

        “Out of 25 Million Vaccinations, Only 33 People Had a Serious Reaction”
        For every reaction, there are thousands who develop a new vaccine induced life-threatening allergy. Who’s counting that?
        Details in the British Medical Journal:
        Vaccines and the development of food allergies: the latest evidence
        Vaccine safety claims do not stand up to scrutiny
        In Harvard Health:
        Food protein containing vaccines cause the development of food allergies

      • vinu arumugham

        The VICP is a fraud.
        1) Numerous vaccine induced disease take years to develop. Then it is too late to file a petition.
        2) Vaccines induce new diseases that are being discovered everyday. Injecting animal proteins that mimic human proteins causes autoimmune disease that can attack every part of your body. So the number of autoimmune diseases being discovered is exploding. And the medical establishment hides the vaccine connection. So by the time you realize vaccines are the cause, it is too late for the VICP petition.

        • doritmi

          The question of vaccines risks is a question of data, and there is abundant data on it. That data shows no link between vaccines and autoimmune conditions, with rare exceptions (rare risk of GBS in some cases, for example), or food allergies. Here is a recent and extensive review of those risks. https://effectivehealthcare.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/vaccine-safety_research.pdf

          This is an empirical, not theoretical, question. The question is what do vaccine actually cause, and there are multiple monitoring systems in place (VSD, PRISM, CISA and VAERS) to examine that in the U.S.. We know a lot about vaccine safety, and that knowledge shows risks are small.

          • vinu arumugham

            “That data shows no link between vaccines and autoimmune conditions, with rare exceptions (rare risk of GBS in some cases, for example), or food allergies.”
            Since they admit that vaccines cause food allergies, it automatically means vaccines cause autism which is an autoimmune disease. The reason is 75% of autism patients test positive for folate receptor alpha autoantibodies (folate receptor protein is a food protein in cow’s milk).
            Basically it is a case of a food protein (bovine folate receptor) resembling a human protein (human folate receptor). So allergy against this food protein, means the immune cross reacts and attacks the human protein. Result is cerebral folate deficiency which causes autism.
            Vaccine safety claims do not stand up to scrutiny

          • vinu arumugham

            “The question is what do vaccine actually cause, and there are multiple monitoring systems in place (VSD, PRISM, CISA and VAERS) to examine that in the U.S..”
            You don’t sell lousy cars and put a “monitoring system” in place to count the number of injuries and death the car causes. Your “monitoring system” is basically an admission that the general population is the guinea pig for the vaccine experiment. And the guinea pigs are recruited with the false claim that the vaccine is safe. If the vaccine is safe why do you need to monitor? You make cars that are safe by DESIGN. We need vaccines that are safe by DESIGN.

      • vinu arumugham

        “MMR doesn’t cause autism.”
        Cow’s milk containing, aluminum adjuvanted vaccines (DTap, Prevnar) cause the autism epidemic.
        Cow’s milk has folate receptor (FR) protein. Injecting it, causes the body to produce antibodies against FR. Since the cow’s FR protein resembles the human FR protein, these antibodies attack the human FR protein. The result is folate deficiency in the brain which causes autism.
        Most vaccine/autism studies have focused on the MMR and mercury containing vaccines. So the DTap/Prevnar link was missed.

        Details in the British Medical Journal:
        Vaccine safety claims do not stand up to scrutiny
        Ignoring immunotoxicity of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, won’t make it go away

      • jenni McDonald

        go and speak to the parents of damaged children…if a child had a reaction to a peanut butter sandwich nobody would second guess that parent, but just mention reaction to a vaccine and every pro-vaccine person jumps up and down and demands proof! Who needs evidenced based research…..since when did parents become unable to intelligently decide what is best for the health of their babies? God forbid that mankind survived before vaccines….go inject your poisons into yourself and your own children….and no, it’s not all about vaccines….the increase and quantity of poisons we are all ingesting on an a daily basis contributes. We need air to breath but inject it and it will kill you. How dare anyone question the qualitative experience of a parent with a dead or damaged child. HOW DARE YOU dismiss these families and say the research says otherwise. Shove your research. It’s of no help.

  • Concerned Parent

    In 1986, Reagan signed the National Vaccine Injury Act, which granted vaccine manufacturers all liability from their product. If a child was injured or died, they literally have no responsibility and cannot be sued. Why would Reagan do such a thing? Because so many children were being irreversibly harmed by the DPT shot that the vaccine manufacturers were being deluged with lawsuits. They threatened him and said they would no longer manufacture their products without immunity. Guess what happened after 1987? The childhood vaccine schedule EXPLODED!! Cha-Ching!! Imagine selling a product for which you have no liability. Think about this next time you see the ever-expanding CDC schedule…

      • Anonymous M

        Which part exactly is incorrect, Ken?

        Signed into law by President Reagan? Check.

        Became law in 1986? Check.

        The law came about because vaccine manufacturers were deluged with lawsuits based on claimed harm from the DPT shot and said they would no longer manufacture their products? Check and check.

        The childhood vaccine schedule has exploded since then? Check. (Just compare the pre-1986 vaccine schedule with the schedule today, and it’s pretty obvious!)

        Vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued when a child is injured or died? Check.
        (Parents have to file a case with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, assuming they find out about it before the statute of limitations has expired – 2 years after death, 3 years after injury. The parents will then need to provide reams of medical records and expert medical witnesses to support their claim, and it will take years for the case to make it through this special court. If compensation is awarded, it is paid for by the program, which is funded by a tax that consumers pay on every dose of vaccine)

        Now you could argue that the DPT shot was not causing harm to children, but the CDC does say that they switched from the DPT (whole cell vaccine) to the DTaP (acellular vaccine) out of safety concerns. And the CDC acknowledges even today that the “safer” vaccine (the DTaP) causes seizures they call a “moderate problem” in 1 in 14,000 children, and can also cause something called Hypotonic Hyporesponsive Episodes (HHE), which is when a baby turns blue/gray due to lack of oxygen, can’t move its arms or legs, can’t vocalize (or has reduced ability to do so), and may collapse completely. Of course, the CDC says that HHE is 1) harmless – because if a baby isn’t getting enough oxygen, can’t move its arms or legs, can’t cry, and might collapse – alone in its crib – it’s perfectly harmless right? and 2) it is so rare they don’t know how often it happens (except they also don’t require HHE to be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System … hmmm).

        And you might be able to argue that parents can sue vaccine manufacturers years down the road, if they get a decision they are not happy with from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program court. But they MUST go through the program first, and I actually think they don’t even have the option of suing the vaccine manufacturer anymore at all (again, after spending years waiting on a decision from the NVICP first).

        • Ken Reibel

          You got the first sentence right: Ronald Reagan was President in 1986, and he signed the bill into law.
          We’re not sure what “granted vaccine manufacturers all liability from their product” means.
          There is no evidence that the whole cell DPT caused encephalopathy or seizure disorders. Those cases were caused by Dravet’s syndrome, which is a genetic disorder unrelated to the vaccine.
          Vaccine manufacturers can still be held accountable for their product.

          • Anonymous M

            So you first said “nearly everything” the original poster wrote was wrong. Now you are claiming only one thing is incorrect: that the whole cell pertussis vaccine was not causing injury. I see that game you’re playing. Do you lie frequently, or were you just uninformed?

            When the original 1986 law was passed by Congress, it included seizure disorder with onset within 72 hours on the “injury tables” for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The only serious adverse events that were on the “injury tables” were ones for which there was evidence that the vaccine caused the injury. Years later, after the switch to the acellular vaccine, seizure disorder after the pertussis vaccine was removed from the tables for a supposed “lack of evidence”, yet the DTaP continues to injure and cause seizure disorders. In fact, encephalopathy is STILL on the injury tables for the NVICP today. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/d/injury-table.pdf

            On the other hand, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly, many serious adverse events are not reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as required by federal law, and there is no consequence for breaking this federal law. Nor do the medical professional organizations educate their members about the law and what their members are legally required to report to VAERS (then again, some of them – such as the American Academy of Pediatrics – receive significant funding from vaccine manufacters). I suspect you know that, though.

          • Anonymous M

            I have already given you the link from a government website that shows that encephalopathy can STILL caused by the pertussis vaccine today, even with the acellular vaccine. Also, I know exactly what Dravet’s syndrome is. It’s a common play by trolls hired by pharmaceutical companies to try to pretend that the pertussis vaccine has never caused injury. Of course, I’m not saying you are one, it hasn’t been determined yet if you are purposely lying for financial gain or just uninformed. You cannot say those thousands of cases were caused by Dravet’s syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder. There is no evidence to back that up, just a handful of cases that have been rediagnosed (literally, I saw a case study on five individuals). My son nearly died from seizures that began within 24 hours of the DTaP vaccine (because the acellular vaccine still causes these problems, just at a much lower rate). He takes medication today, years later, to keep seizures at bay. He does NOT have Dravet’s syndrome. Just as many thousands of other kids have not had it.

            But let’s talk about that minute number of kids who do have Dravet’s syndrome. For those kids, the seizures that damage their brain are usually triggered by fever. Who knows when that would be, if they were not vaccinated. Some babies might not come down with a fever until they were much older and their brains were more developed, which would be a good thing. But since we give vaccines on the first day of life (the Hepatitis B vaccine) and then again at 2 months old, those kids have little chance to let their brain develop normally. Perhaps we should test all newborns for Dravet’s syndrome and make sure they don’t receive a vaccine as a newborn? We already test newborn babies, at least in California, for a number of other extremely rare conditions.

  • Allie Fujito

    A 2010 Harvard Pilgrim study, in association with the CDC, found that FEWER THAN 1% OF ADVERSE REACTIONS TO VACCINES ARE REPORTED.

    What they found: “Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”

    What was the CC’s response to this information? 

Although the CDC engaged consultants for this project, they became inexplicably “unavailable.”

“Unfortunately, there was never an opportunity to perform system performance assessments because the necessary CDC contacts were no longer available and the CDC consultants responsible for receiving data were no longer responsive to our multiple requests to proceed with testing and evaluation.”

    That pretty much destroys our confidence in the CDC.

    Credibility is also low for health officials who seem to be taken in by the exact same Pharma tactics that brought us the opioid crisis: industry studies claiming no link to observed harm, industry-paid doctors extolling the virtues and safety of the product, industry-peopled “patient forums” likewise extolling necessity, and industry-directed attacks on those who call attention to the serious problems with the product.

    1% of adverse effects reported means that 99% go unreported.
    Dr. Dan McGee talks about “side effects that don’t occur?” I call BS.

  • Jane Jones

    Where there is GREAT RISK there must be informed choice! The current and cumulative CDC vaccine schedule has never been studied for safety and effectiveness in its entirety. OUR children have become the “study”. — and with the skyrocketing autoimmune diseases, cancers, and autism to name a few– it is obvious that this schedule is a complete failure! The US is #1 in SIDS and SUDS deaths, childhood autoimmune diseases ,cancers and autism,of all the industrialized countries! We have allowed this to happen by allowing an overly aggressive and unchecked vaccine holocaust! I’d also like to point out that the autism and vaccine connection has NOT been debunked at all— if anything the newest peer reviewed and scientific studies are confirming the link. Simply, you cannot inject known toxins and poisons from contaminated vaccines (another peer reviewed and published scientific study proved every human vaccine was contaminated with unreported substances including metals, sand, bacteria, and glass to name a few), and expect “good” health. Some important questions that could and should have been asked of the pediatrician are— “do you receive any type of incentive for vaccinating?” “Exactly how much time was spent learning about vaccines, their ingredients and how and why said ingredients are needed?” “How many cases have you ever reported to VAERS?” “When did seizures become an acceptable side effect of vaccination?” “How much aluminum is safe for an infant to get?” “How much is in the aluminum is in the series of shots given at birth? at 2 months? at 4 months? at 6 months? etc,,,” ” How many cases of active polio are now in the states?” “What are the number of deaths proven to be from Polio in the states in the last decade?, Measles? Mumps? Chicken pox?, etc” These damn Doctors truly know nothing about vaccines other than the mantra “safe and effective” and the schedule! Vaccine damage is very real and much more prevalent than Doctors will admit! To date the US has paid out close to 4 billion dollars in damages and by the NIH’s own admission ,numbers less than 10% of vaccine damage is reported! Time for people to wake up and realize that we have done the greatest disservice to our children by allowing the pHARMaceutical companies to put out unsafe products and mandate we use them!

  • doritmi

    This is a good example of the error called false balance. The article puts together experts who understand the material together with a parent who does not, and who makes clear mistakes, as if their views were equivalent. This is not good journalism: it can mislead your readers into thinking both views carries equal weight, while in reality, only one of them – that of the experts – is supported by evidence.

    This is the equivalent of writing an article about astronomy with quotes from astronomers on one hand and a former encyclopedia salesperson who is now a member of the flat earth society as a counter.

  • (((kath2cats))) (@kath2cats)

    It’s a shame that the reporter is taking a “both sides” approach. While I understand the people interviewed in this article all feel very strongly about vaccines, the evidence supports vaccination as the better, safer choice. Sure, nothing is without risk in life, but when you compare the tiny risk of harm from a vaccine to the much larger chance of permanent damage or death from actual diseases, it’s not much of a contest.

    Besides, this isn’t a decision that only affects you and your family. Because so many people have decided not to protect their children from illness, measles is making a comeback. That’s not fair.

  • doritmi

    To give a few examples, vaccines actually strengthen the immune system by introducing it to a germ without the risks of a disease, so by not vaccinating her children, the speaker is denying them an opportunity to strengthen their immune system – and leaving them unprotected against diseases. Vaccines do not, generally, cause developmental delays. The term “vaccine free” is about as meaningful as “seatbelt free” – children left at risk of diphtheria, hib, and polio are not more free than children whose parents protect against these diseases. The article also includes common misconceptions about vaccine ingredients – for example, most of the ingredients mentioned are in food and water, and we consume them that way in much larger amounts than in vaccines.

  • Garth Aamodt

    Neither of your anti-vax defamers are immunologists. I’m also a chiropractor and the majority of us support immunization because the biology is well proven and understood over the last 200+ years. I could find you a couple of people who truly believe they’ve been probed by Aliens from Uranus. But would you elevate them to discuss NASA missions as if they’re expertise counters astrophysicists? Bad choice to claim you give both sides a balanced hearing when the anti-vax side you interviewed have zero expertise beyond what they google on the internet. Ask the healthy, holistic living Native Indians how well that worked out for them when they encountered European germs with an unprepared immune system? Your report is not balanced because your letting laymen with no expertise give 50% of the “balance”.

    • doritmi

      I’m glad to hear your perspective. I think we do chiropractors a disservice and too often judge many of you by a few vocal anti-vaccine chiropractors, and I’ll be happy to be corrected on that.

  • Pat Sheehan

    Dr. McGee says there is no proof that vaccines cause autism? Then he obviously didn’t read the vaccine insert which lists autism as a possible side effect of DPT vaccine. Looks like this doctor is not getting informed consent from his patients!

  • Jim McTiernan

    I will always regret believing my doctor and the pharma funded media about vaccines. When you are a doctor, you are in the position of being exposed to more industry funded pseudo science then the rest of us, as well as financial incentives to believe the corporate science. I have over 1000 people on my friend list who have vaccine injured kids or loved ones, including doctors and nurses. They believed what I did and what these doctors are telling them. Here is a page with links to hundreds of studies that link vaccines and their ingredients to every imaginable autoimmune, behavioral and neurological symptom that is synonymous the the diagnosis of autism. But it is not just autism, the package inserts lists hundreds of horrible adverse effects from vaccines. You can open your mind to the obvious, or you can ignore it because that is easier on your conscience.
    Perhaps the most eye opening thing you can do is to look closer at the dozen or so industry funded studies that supposedly debunk the autism vaccine link, because they are shoddy at best, as are many medical studies and most studies of vaccine efficacy and safety. https://www.facebook.com/jimsvaccinestudies/?ref=bookmarks

  • vinu arumugham

    In the British Medical Journal:

    MMR, TBE vaccine and type 1 diabetes

    Vaccine safety claims do not stand up to scrutiny

    SIDS, Kawasaki Disease and narcolepsy: Same mechanism, different vaccines

    New unsafe vaccines will only add to vaccine hesitancy

    Influenza vaccines seem to be modifying influenza disease into a dangerous dengue-like disease

    Ignoring immunotoxicity of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, won’t make it go away

    All responses:

    Vaccines and the development of food allergies: the latest evidence

    In Harvard Health:
    Food protein containing vaccines cause the development of food allergies

  • Boogaloo

    The SCOTUS has ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Where there is risk there must be CHOICE. Most people who have researched vaccines have avoided or stopped vaccinating. I don’t care if you do or do not vaccinate – the important thing is that everyone has a choice as to what is put into their or their children’s bodies. Medical freedom.

  • Jessica

    I really wanted to like this article — I was glad to see both sides of the vaccine argument — but it was so poorly edited it was almost unreadable! Good gravy. I should print this off as an exercise for my fifth graders in correcting punctuation and run-on sentences.

  • C.S.

    This is NOT the whole story on both sides of the debate. If only 6% of adults are “up-to-date” on vaccinations (for the 14 treatable illnesses that are CURRENTLY on the CDC schedule) then WHERE are the epidemics? Our nation’s children are guinea pigs. NOT all vaccinations are FDA approved either. (Who verifies the information you are broadcasting? Geez, where is the ethical responsibility in this report?) Also, look up the federal vaccine court case of Hannah Poling and tell me that there’s no link between vaccination and Autism. “Tobacco Science” has NOTHING compared to the current “Vaccine Science” on the books. Can’t wait to see the future court cases for the propaganda crossing these lines.

  • Joe

    It is about one. Only one. Not statistics, ever. If everyone else in the world does well with a vaccine, it says nothing about me. And no one can tell me about me or my children, regardless of their degrees training political position. They may share their personal experience and thats it. It ends there.

  • Ken Reibel

    Thanks, Fox 14, for spreading misinformation about vaccines in a story about how people are subjected to misinformation about vaccines.

  • Anonymous M

    It is federal law to report certain serious adverse events after vaccination (and unbelievably, in most cases death of a child within hours or 2-3 days of a vaccine is actually not one of the serious adverse events required to be reported). Those that must be reported are those that are a contraindication to further doses of a vaccine, and those that are on the injury tables for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. However, this federal law (the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act) has never been enforced. Absolutely nothing happens to medical professionals who do not report to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as required by federal law. There is no professional, legal, or financial consequence, which pretty much makes a joke out of the law.

    While the medical professional organizations will every so often remind medical professionals of their obligation to report cases of certain infectious diseases within a specific timeline (or risk a fine or jail), they don’t remind or educate medical professionals about their legal obligation to report serious adverse events after vaccination. The CDC also will not support a similar consequence (i.e. at least a fine) for medical professionals who violate the law requiring them to report serious adverse events. So to all those who say that vaccine injury is so incredibly rare, know that we aren’t collecting the data we are supposed to, and nobody can really say, therefore, how often these serious adverse events do or do not occur. If you care about science, if you care about collecting all relevant data, then call your federal legislators and let them know that this is unacceptable.

  • Tristan Wells

    Doctors typically refuse to diagnose the condition if the patient is vaccinated.

    In a sense, that is all you have to know. None of the vaccines in history have ever actually worked. Smallpox, polio, diphtheria, the whole lot, they have just been renamed because of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    But there is another more astonishing point. If we were supposed to be scared of the germs of sick people, then why do we visit doctor offices (eg to get a vaccine)? Surely visiting a doctor (let alone becoming a doctor) would be the most dangerous action anybody could partake in. You are dramatically increasing your chances of infecting yourselves and subsequently others.

  • Rebecca

    You would be hard pressed to find parents who’ve gone to more trouble and expense to vaccinate their children than my wife and I have. Some vaccines have ethical issues because they were cultured using cells from an aborted baby. There are also serious safety concerns about those same vaccines due to the fragments of human DNA they contain. These include the popular MMR. So we seek alternatives to those and have forgone vaccines for some diseases because no alternatives were available. Unfortunately for younger parents, ethical and safe alternative vaccines for measles and mumps were withdrawn from the market in recent years, about which we are very concerned.

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