A sunburn remedy that can be found in your refrigerator

(FOX) —  Something in your fridge may be what’s needed to ease the pain of your sunburn.

Sunburn occurs when the skin is damaged by harmful ultraviolet rays which turn the skin sores, red and warm.

As your immune system attempts to heal your burned skin — it causes inflammation and redness.

Doctor of cosmetic research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Doctor Joshua Zeichner says a bowl of cold milk is what will do your body good.

The protein in milk will help reduce the pain and discomfort while locking in moisture in the cells to keep the skin hydrated and the cold temperature will help soothe the inflamed skin.

Given a choice opt for skim milk for the best result and apply it by soaking a cloth in the refrigerated milk and use a cold compress against your skin. But make sure not to rub it because that will cause friction.

Once the skin has cooled and nourished and make sure you continue to moisturize it.

Doctors still advise though that if you have symptoms such as blistering, fever, dizziness or nausea to see a professional because it could be a sign of heat exhaustion.




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