Police escort ‘student in crisis’ out of Cedar Springs Middle School

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. —  The Cedar Springs Public Schools district says “a student in crisis” was assisted out of the Cedar Springs Middle School late Wednesday morning, with the help of law enforcement and emergency personnel.

It happened around 11 a.m. at the school on 16 Mile Road at Northland Drive. A letter written by Middle School principal Sue Spahr was sent to parents saying, in part, “Please help your child know that all is well, no one is in trouble, and everyone is safe.”

The district’s interim superintendent, Mark Dobias, tells FOX 17 in an email message that “the situation was handled very professionally by the principal, her staff and our partners in law enforcement.”

The nature of the “crisis” and what led up to it was not disclosed, but the letter to parents assured them that “the safety of your student is always our first priority.”

The letter said 8th-grade students were kept at lunch/recess for an extra 20 minutes, while the student “exited the building through the back stairwell. Some students who were in their classrooms may have seen law enforcement escort the student away from the building. Please know that the student is receiving the help and support that they need from professional personnel.”




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  • casey

    maybe the parents should have been notified, I myself have 3 children in cedar springs public schools and i only hear of this on facebook?? get it together people!!

    • Wings

      You have NO clue if the parents were not notify, plus it is none of your business.
      I pretty sure they were, you just wanted to make a stupid comment, grow up.

    • Hillary

      Looks to me like the parents were indeed notified? Did you miss that in the article?
      anyway, all looks to be well, and hopefully if one of your children were to have a crisis, they would handle it as discretely and professionally, as they did for this child.

  • James Fannon

    This is the most egregious, appalling, deplorable lack of professionalism I have witnessed from Fox 17, James Gemmell or the editors of Fox 17 who monitors posts to social media. With everything going on in the world today that may be noteworthy, to target and capitalize on a child, who by all accounts did nothing wrong at all, who is struggling with the challenges of life and needing assistance in the same, you, your station and Mr. Gemmell decide to bring it to everyone’s attention-adding to the trauma that this child is already dealing with. Not only did you make it more difficult for this child to work their way back into the school system, you have just multiplied their stressors ten fold by making this information public. This is not a student that just committed an act of violence, a crime, or even an act to cause an administrative action. It is a child struggling with life’s challenges who needed help.
    I am sure, if an investigation into anyone’s personal life was conducted, private family matters would be uncovered that none of you would want plastered all over social media. But yet you feel it is your job, or beneficial to the community to target a child and make any efforts at coping as difficult as possible.
    Mr. Gemmell, if you worked for me, you would be FIRED immediately, as would your supervisors. But since I doubt that will happen, let me explain the rules of engagement to you so you know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner going forward: KIDS WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG AND NEED HELP WITH WHATEVER STRUGGLES THEY ARE DEALING WITH ARE OFF LIMITS! Everyone in the professional world knows that, but you and the rest of the FOX 17 staff must have skipped school when they taught humanities class.

    • Hillary

      Absolutely shocked that I would defend a media outlet, and will call them out when they run afoul, but I simply do not see what you are pointing out I this article. Did they change it, they do that often, so maybe the article I read is different, If it is the same article, I have to go with the author on this one. No harm done here, that I can see.