Contractor under investigation by Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. — A West Michigan contractor profiled by the FOX 17 Problem Solvers is also on the radar of Ottawa County detectives.

Brian Leonard, owner of SBL Contractors, is accused of fraud by cashing deposits and disappearing.

The Problem Solvers previously interviewed two couples who paid Leonard in early March to have some work done on their homes. Instead, Leonard took down his business Facebook page and never did any work.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office said it has an open case against Leonard involving customer Kim Brown from Crockery Township. She and her husband paid Leonard $1,250 down for some drywall work.

Captain Mark Bennett said, “So if you hire somebody and then give them money to complete a job and the job’s not done, there’s certainly elements of a fraud there. What we do then is complete an investigation, talk to the victim obviously, talk to the suspected, in this case the contractor, put all those pieces together, and submit it to the prosecutor’s office.”

Leonard has not returned FOX 17’s calls. His business address is his father’s home. FOX 17 will keep you posted on this issue.

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  • Mike

    Just take your case to the state licensing board, and go after his contracting license. That’s what I had to do with my idiot contractor and when he got fined $5000 by the state and had his license suspended in Michigan, he started paying me back the money I had previously given him. Amazing what taking away someones license to work does to motivate them.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t just rip his customers off, he doesn’t pay his employees either, all we ever got was a promise of a paycheck, and never seen any sort of compensation, I’m still surprised nobody else has came forward about him taking their money and never completing the job, if you can’t pay your employees and noones working for you and you just keep taking people’s money, you know he was just taking it without any resources or intentions of completing the job, I really think he should pay the people who came forth their money back.