Smart Shopper Alert: The C.R.A.P. Store is more than a clever name

You gotta hand it to the guys who came up with a catchy name for a bargain shop called "The C.R.A.P. Store". With two West Michigan locations now, it started off with just one shipment of goods and escalated. You can visit their Grand Rapids location, 624 28th St. SE along with the Wyoming store, 2405 Porter St. SW.

What do they have and how did it come to be? Jordan Green, co-owner, said it started with a truckload of new merchandise that consisted of overstock, end of the season stuff, display models, scratch and dent, things like that, and they really weren't sure what they were going to do with it. After his friends and family got a good look at the goods, they knew they could do something more. So, they started up a store and the rest is history.

Every store needs a clever name, right? Up late one night, a light bulb went off to use an acronym for "Cheap Recently Acquired Products". Hence, The C.R.A.P. Store was born.

You never know what The C.R.A.P. Store is going to have, but it's usually items in bulk sizes. If it's food, for example, the outer package might be damaged but since everything is normally individually wrapped on the inside, it's good to resell. Green said that they have a food license and have to follow regulations. At any point, if the contents is questionable, it simply gets tossed.

Usually shipments arrive twice a week and the next one is not the same as the first. Savings wise, you'll save anywhere from 20 percent upwards of 60 percent. You'll find everything from giant boxes of granola bars to brand new baby items, clothing for the whole family, shoes, toiletries, furniture, fans, luggage, electronics and so much more!

I can't stress enough, that you want to check back each week or simply follow them on Facebook. Each store has their own page. Click here for the Grand Rapids store and here for Wyoming.

Here's a look at one of their latest shipments!


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