Firefighters rescue woman from Muskegon apartment building

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- A woman was rescued from an apartment fire at an 11-story apartment building Sunday morning.

At 7:51 a.m. Sunday, the Muskegon Fire Department was called to a fire that started as a kitchen fire in an apartment on the fourth floor of the Bayview Tower apartment building at 864 Spring St.

Upon arriving at the scene, witnesses told firefighters that a woman in her mid-60s was still inside the apartment and was unable to get out due to fire and smoke inside.

“Due to her physical ability, she wasn’t able to self-rescue," Assistant Chief Gordon Cole tells FOX 17.

When Cole got to her, he was able to lift her onto a wheeled walker and take her down the elevator.

She refused medical treatment and is doing fine.

Cole has a strong message to people about the hazards of kitchen fires like these.

“Kitchen fires are so dangerous," Cole says. "People need to be aware of their kitchens and make sure they turn the stove off and don’t leave unattended pots on.”

The American Red Cross is finding the woman a place to stay.

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