Have kids engage in summer learning with these fun apps

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Summer is here, but that doesn't mean the kids have to stop learning (insert the groans and eye-rolls from the kids.) Don't worry, there are some apps that parents can download on the family tablet that will keep their child's mind share during the summer, and allow them to have fun at the same time.

PBS Kids Games

Who says learning can't be fun? Young kids can play educational games with their favorite cartoon characters on the PBS Kids Games app.

Kids can play over 90 free learning games based on PBS shows like "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood", "Wild Kratts", "Arthur", "Sesame Street", and so many more.

New games are constantly being added to the app, helping kids ages two to eight engage in skills related to science, math, creativity and more. Games include solving mazes, puzzles, dress-up, coloring, and other brain-building activities.

The best part? The app doesn't require Wi-Fi, so everything is available offline for unlimited play.

Kids Academy

Want to prepare the kids for preschool, kindergarten, and beyond? Or maybe parents just want to keep their kids' minds sharp while school's out for the summer. Another way to get the kids to engage in fun summer learning is through Kids Academy.

The app has over 5,000 activities, games, videos and worksheets to help identify and nurture the talents of every child. Through  engaging gameplay, kids can learn and advance their reading and writing, math, visual perception and hand-eye coordination.

The app separates the games by age group too, so parents can make sure the kids are on the right learning path. There are games available for kids as young as age 2, all the way up to 10-years-old. Parents can also create a customized learning plan for the kids.

The app is free to download, but to go beyond what the free version offers, there are subscription plans that allow users to access even more features.

Epic! Unlimited Books for Kids

It can be challenging to encourage children to read, especially during the summer. Whether the kids are just starting to read, or maybe they struggle to find reading materials they like, keep them engaged through the summer with Epic!

Epic is the leading digital library for kids, with instant and unlimited access to 25,000 e-books, audio books and learning videos aimed at kids 12 or younger. The app is also customized for each child's interests, so they can find reading materials they'll enjoy.

The app also allows up to four users to be on the account at the same time, which is great for parents with multiple children.

The app is free to download, but there is a subscription for this service. Epic will give users a 30-day free trial, but after that it's $7.99 a month.

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  • Kent

    I think there are a lot of ways make learning effective but the most effective way is to make it fun. Learner will sometimes find the topic too boring that their brain might never grasp it or it will just be forgotten right away. So to make the learning stick to the mind of the learner is to make it fun and memorable. Appealing to the emotion makes it memorable. If the teacher could find a way to make this strategy works, then the learner will really learn a lot.

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