The Gobles grow closer through softball

SCHOOLCRAFT, Mich. -- Lydia Goble is a gifted athlete, but the Schoolcraft  High School senior isn't quite sure where her talents come from, because she is adopted.

"I don't know who my birth father is, and my birth mother -- I don't know too much about her," Goble said. "I don't know where [the talent] came from either."

The only father she has ever knew is Schoolcraft softball coach Jim Goble.

"It's been a pretty special moment from the first day we met at the hospital, when she was born and we brought her home from the hospital and actually adopted her," Jim Goble said. "I wouldn't change nothing for the world. In fact, I look back at it, and I see how God kind of aligned the plan for bringing us together."

Lydia and Jim share one big common interest: softball. Lydia is a standout shortstop who set the state record for home runs in a single year (26 and counting this season). Jim has coached her since she was 7 years old.

"Ultimately, I enjoy playing with him," Lydia said. "It gives us more time to spend together, and I'm going off to college, so there is always those memories that we've made together."

"It's kind of a match made that we didn't really plan for, and it has turned out to be pretty special," Jim added. "Her love of the game and my love of coaching, we were kind of brought together kind of the special arrangement that God had for us, bringing me as her parent."

The Gobles will play at least one more game together as the Eagles travel to Buchanan for the Division 3 regional tournament to play rival Constantine at 10 a.m..

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