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Senate bill lets seniors pay lower auto insurance premiums

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Bills aimed at curtailing auto insurance premiums for seniors are advancing in Michigan’s Legislature.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 23-13 Thursday to let drivers age 65 or older opt out of unlimited personal injury protection and instead choose $50,000 of coverage. Michigan’s the only state to require unlimited coverage for medical expenses resulting from car crashes.

Another bill would create a fraud authority, limit reimbursement for family attendant care and cap medical benefits for people injured in crashes who have no auto insurance. The assigned claims plan largely covered pedestrians and bicyclists initially, but the benefits have increasingly aided passengers hurt while riding in uninsured vehicles.

The bills are less sweeping than legislation rejected last year in the House, but supporters call them an initial step to address high rates.

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    • Michael

      I disagree. Seniors are some of the worst drivers out there. They also have one of the highest fatality rates- right up there with 16 year old drivers.

      Why should they have lower premiums and be able to opt out of the unlimited PIP when statistically 30-60 year olds are MUCH safer drivers?

      • C

        Sure. Except who’s going to cost more, the thirty year old driver or the seventy five year old after they’ve been in an accident requiring long term medical care? The thirty year old might live for another forty years but the seventy five year old? Who knows? Sorry, but your thinking is a mile wide but only about an inch deep.

        • Michael

          Saying better drivers should pay more because when the bad drivers hit them they are going to incur more medical charges is asinine.

          The whole no fault system is flawed. Bad drivers, or those in the age group of bad drivers, should have to pay more because they cause more. (Teens and the elderly)

          • C

            I simply said that in the event that in two accidents, the age of the drivers being the only difference, the younger driver is probably going to require medical care for a much longer time, old age being what it is. If you want to look at an outrageous law, try this on. In a severe accident, who is likely to be more profoundly injured a guy in a car or a guy on a motorcycle? The guy on the bike, of course. But, in Michigan, for insurance purposes, motorcycles aren’t motor vehicles and as such, the mandatory catastrophic coverage is an option. If you need a legitimate complaint, try that on on before you start picking on silver haired people in their autos.

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