5 items to make potty training fun and easy

Potty training is an exciting milestone for parents, but can also bring a lot of stress and mess. In celebration of National Potty Training awareness month, Sherri French from Capital M Media shares some tips, tricks, and products that will help parents potty train their kid with success.

Pee-Kaboo Reusable Potty Sticker- starting at $11.99


  • Pee-Kaboo Potty stickers make potty training easy for you and fun for your child.
  • The instant visual reward that your child creates serves as a strong reinforcer after a potty success. The surprise image delights your child and makes them want to use the potty again and again, all by themselves, to recreate that feeling of joy.
  • Even if a child has language or intellectual delays, they can still learn to use the toilet with the product.
  • Discount: Use promo code Peekaboo for 18 percent off. (Expires 7/31/18)

Summer Infant My Size Potty- $29.99

  • The Summer Infant® My Size® Potty realistic design looks and feels just like an adult toilet.
  • The interactive handle features a flushing sound to encourage your child for a job well done.
  • Additional features include a built-in wipe compartment, clip on splash guard, flip up lid, and removable easy-clean bowl.

PeapodMats- starting at $39.99

PeapodMats 3×5 (.91m x 1.5m)

  • PeapodMats are the recreated super-absorbent waterproof bedwetting/incontinence pad. PeapodMats are reuseable, breathable and soft with no crinkle sound or cold vinyl feel.
  • What's different? PeapodMats lie flat on top of bed sheets. The brushed bottom grips surfaces keeping it in place without flaps, straps or Velcro.
  • Breathable materials and soft cotton top makes them comfortable to sleep on! Hassle free when wet, just wash and dry on regular cycle.
  • Discount: Use the code Capmed15 for 15 percent off.

Aqueduck Faucet Extenders- starting at $9.99

Aqueduck Faucet Extender

  • Promotes independence.
  • Easy to use.
  • Makes hand washing fun for the kids.

The Potty Rocker- starting at $4.99

  • Created by two teachers with PhDs in early childhood education, who understand that creative play addresses two of the most common potty training problems: toddlers being afraid of or uninterested in using the potty.
  • The play kits include a waterproof and washable children's book, a foam Potty Rocker figurine, and non-toxic/flushable Rainbow Poop.
  • They sell two versions of our play kits: The Starter Kit and The Family Play Kit. The Starter Kit includes the basics you need to bring The Potty Rocker to life in your own bathroom, while the Family Play Kit includes extra play activities.

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