Winter Storm Watch issued for West Michigan for Sunday

Disturbing video shows fight outside Kelloggsville Middle School

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Disturbing video of a fight outside Kelloggsville Middle School is circulating on social media, during a pending criminal investigation.

One of the girls involved says she was left cut with stitches and just wanted to try out for the cheer team.  She and her family are concerned about safety on school grounds, and tell FOX 17 that the fight broke out for no other reason than some girls disliking each other and who they're dating.

Kentwood Police tell FOX 17 they've forwarded their case against two teen suspects, ages 17 and 18, to the prosecutor's office. Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker says they've reviewed the case, but asked Kentwood PD for some further follow-up before a decision is made.

Fourteen-year-old Mariah Swanson, a Kelloggsville High School freshman, says she was on her way to cheer tryouts Wednesday at the middle school, when she got jumped, kicked and cut.  In the video, her mother is seen trying to break the fight up until she was assaulted too.

In the video, you can repeatedly hear one girl scream, "I got a knife! I'm cutting b-----s!"  Photos show Swanson's lips blooded as well as other cuts on her arm that required stitches, then her back and stomach.

"[The girl in the video] always wanted to fight me," Swanson said. "For the whole week, she wanted me to link, and I was like I'm not, I have tryouts. Like school is my main priority."

The aftermath of the incident spilled across Snapchat, then a video titled "Best Fight of 2018," was shared on Facebook.

"She posted that she pulled a knife on me but she didn't cut me," Swanson says. "But obviously she cut me; and on my back and on my other shirt she cut it open and I have a cut on my stomach."

"It's crazy that a grown woman has even the thought to bring a knife to a fight, especially for high schoolers, and stab her," Swanson's aunt Ona Muhlenbeck said.

Swanson's family hopes to press charges, and they're concerned about bullying that continues on social media.

"Me looking at that right now, I'm scared to send my kid to school, for bullying," said Ivonne Torres, a friend of Swanson's family, reviewing the video of the fight online.

Swanson's family also plans to file personal protection orders.  FOX 17 reached out to Kelloggsville Schools, but as of Friday evening has not heard back.

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  • Tara

    MY kids attend this school and all these girls think about is boys n who will be their next boyfriend. Terrible and sickening..

  • Brianna

    parents don’t send your kids here, bullies are everywhere and the staff does nothing about it, even if we speak up about it. that’s why nobody says anything anymore because they do nothing

  • tracyd112

    I seen this on the news the Other night and it really pisses me off that noone is in Custody The 1 girl I believe they said was 18 stabbed and sliced the girl pen while others Jumped on her.Hitting and kicking her .The Video is very clear to who the Girls that done are but yet they have not been locked up yet.Then People and Police wonder why there are school shootings.If I were the Girl that got jumped on my way to cheerleader Practice I might make it the next time they decide to jump me while the Prosecutor sits and decides what to do .That is why if it were me and they were still out and not charged they would not get the chance to get me again.Things like this need to be delt with in a quick fashion.On School grounds or not there was a stabbing and slicing of a girl while others are beating her and her Mom who tried to help,Get ti together and lock these girls up as we can see they Value life as nothing and they also said on the News this was over some Boy that none of these kids will be with in real life.

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