More threatening graffiti discovered at Gull Lake

RICHLAND, Mich. — A third graffiti threat has been discovered and debunked at the Gull Lake Community Schools.

During the investigation into two earlier threats (see earlier story below), Superintendent of Schools Chris Rundle said a third threatening graffiti was discovered.

Rundle then posted the following statement to the district’s Web site:

“I would like to provide you an update with facts about the ongoing investigation of graffiti at Gull Lake Middle School.  Yesterday, a third graffiti writing was found. The graffiti states ‘June 11th, your next’.

In conjunction with the (Kalamazoo County) Sheriff’s Department, we have determined the graffiti is not a credible threat.  At this time it is the district plan for school to remain open. Increased police presence and vigilance will continue, as well as the investigation into these incidents.

Understanding the anxiety that can be created by such a situation, we support a family’s decision to do what is in their best interest.”


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