City of Albion issues boil water advisory ’til Friday

ALBION, Mich. — Chad Scott’s water at home was fine, he said. He lives outside of town and uses well water. However when he found out a few elderly people he takes care of didn’t have water, he brought it to them.

“I ran to the store bought as much water as I could find,” he said during an interview. “[I] dropped it off, collected a bunch of jugs and took them back water so they have drinking water and cooking water.”

The City of Albion issued a boil water advisory Monday after a water main broke on Chestnut Street. Mayor Garrett Brown and interim city manager Scott Kipp said in a Facebook video that it was an 8-inch main that affects most of the city that broke and  consequently they had to release a boil water advisory.

“The boil water advisory is for any water that you may be consuming, that doesn't include showering or any other water use,” Kipp said in the video. “Just water that you would consume either through drinking or cooking purposes. That water needs to be boiled before you use it.”

Residents around the downtown area told FOX 17 that their water was either brown or running slowly out of the faucet. Jordan Herd said the advisory is impacting business at the post office.

“We don’t have any water to you know give out employees,” said Herd. “It’s hot. They get real thirsty. We go out and supply them with water and make sure that they’re well taken care of.”

Brown and Kipp posted an update Tuesday afternoon saying that around 3 p.m. the water pressure had been restored. However the advisory will remain in affect until Friday. Scott recommends people keep their eyes open for opportunities to help others in the meantime.

“Pay it forward,” he said. “If you got jugs and they’re clean and sanitary, drop ‘em off or pick em up, fill ‘em up and take them were they got to go.”

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