One of two women charged in flower pot thefts

Angela Fels

WYOMING, Mich. – A woman has been formally charged for allegedly stealing flower pots from the porch of a Wyoming home.

Angela Fels, 39, was charged with one count of larceny of less than $200 on Monday.  The charge is a misdemeanor.

Fels is accused of taking potted plants from a home on Longstreet Avenue SW in May.  A second person, Tara Christine Biedrzycki, is still being sought by police in connection with the thefts.

Fels was released on bond.  She’ll be in court again on June 20.

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  • Iamct01

    Went to school with her. Never understood why she wilded out with the dad she had. We were always scared to go over there.

    • Angel

      I’ll I remember no one parked in my driveway… this incedent was a prank that turned out bad. Wrong person wrong house…..oops one day time served for all that publicity #Famous

    • Angel

      Damn good thing I didn’t steal cars or rape someone’s kid it was a prank played on us the get back was just the wrong address but thanks for judging a book without reading it first DAMNNN I’ve got a heart of gold an NEVER meant to hurt anyone I gave them bk when the mistake was caught plus a letter of apology along with 2 $88 dollar big potted plants AND a $100 gift card to flower land I served one day for my fuk up but to think I’m scum or a pos is pretty dang harsh the lady and I have tea every wens And with the bond we have I wouldn’t change anything best friend mentor supporter and much much more she’s the god mother to 4 of my 8 beautiful children