Edible Father’s Day gifts

A tie or mug is not always fitting for dad on Father's Day. But one thing that will be the right color and right size, is something that involves their favorite snacks.

Here are two inexpensive ideas that you can help the kids put together, for very little money!

Daddy's Tackle Box : There are a couple of different ways that you can put this together. You can purchase an inexpensive small tackle box or even get a divided craft supply container. Either have the kids hand-craft a clever sign for the outside or inside of the box or print one off of the computer. Fill each slot inside of the box with things like Swedish Fish, gummy bears, worms and even gummy frogs. I also included fish crackers in mine. So easy!






Dad's Stache : Letting dad have his own jar full of goodies, all to himself, will mean a lot. Dad's Stache is a play on the word mustache, of course. Get a jar, fill it with his favorite treat and use this link to print a tag to attach to it. I filled the jar below with Kettle Corn, but anything from candy to nuts will work great, too.

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