Chicago police: 12-year-old Michigan girl fatally shot

CHICAGO (AP) — A 12-year-old Michigan girl spending the summer in Chicago has been fatally shot, just hours after attending a cousin's eighth-grade graduation.

Family members at the hospital identified the girl as She'nyah O'Flynn of Covert, Michigan. She was shot in the neck while getting out of a car Thursday night, apparently an unintended victim of gunfire during a party in West Garfield Park.

Police say there have been no arrests.

She'nyah's mother, She'vaughn O'Flynn, tells the Chicago Tribune that her daughter was a good student who loved playing soccer. She'nyah was planning to spend the summer in Chicago with relatives.

A 36-year-old man was injured. The man's mother, Linda Riley-Bailey, says Chicago's violence is too much. She says, "They're killing our future."

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  • jrfoleyjr

    The only reason we hear about this kind of common (in Chicago) event is because she an outsider. Shootings are so commonplace in Chicago that they barely rate a mention anymore. Hohum, just another shooting in the city. Ooops this one was a visitor so she might be noticed.

  • Bud

    Political Correctness prevents officials from discussing why 13 percent of the American population is responsible for 50 percent of all homicides.

    Political Correctness must be EXTERMINATED if we are to have honest discussions to come to reasonable solutions.