Partial road collapse sparks call to action in Emmett Township

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EMMETT TOWNSHIP, Mich. --  D Drive North between Beadle Lake Rd and Harper Creek Drive closed Sunday until further notice due to a partial road collapse.

It's also road in Emmett Township that's caused problems for residents for years, covered in potholes.

“We have potholes and deteriorating bridges, the infrastructure is just not there," said Sarah Stout of Emmett Township. “It’s scary for the families who live here.”

Emmett Township Department of Public Safety said the roadway on the bridge showed signs of collapsing, which potentially made the road unstable.

Stout said neighbors like herself constantly have to deal with issues on D Drive North.

“We’ve twice since I’ve lived here try to pass a millage to fix the roads in our township," said Stout. "Our township doesn’t collect taxes to do that, so that’s the only way we are going to do it. The county doesn’t have enough money to pay for all of our roads.”

To fix the problem, Stout said those living in Emmett Township need to take action, a reason she's part of a citizens committee helping spread the message.

“It’s just not an option to let the roads keep crumbling," said Stout. “It’s unsafe for people riding bikes, walking, driving in cars. People drive down the center of this road, as you probably saw, trying to avoid the gaps in the pavement or the huge potholes.

Stout said the citizens committee is working to figure out a solution that could happen soon.

“The committee wants to figure out what their options are, talk to the community about what they think," said Stout. "We’re looking at what the other townships have done."

The Emmett Township Department of Public Safety said the Calhoun County Road Department has been notified and will evaluate the situation and determine a course of action.

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