Flooding an issue for residents in Barry County

BARRY COUNTY, Mich. -- As lake levels continue to rise, so do the concerns for residents and elected  officials in Barry County.

It's a story we first brought to you last month, with 10 area lakes above average levels. It also looks like another lake is now on the rise as well.

Sandbags and pumps were common sights along the shore of Crooked Lake and Cloverdale Lake on Tuesday. The water was four feet above where it should be. Many the supplies to help keep the water away from their homes.

Claude Hard resides near Cloverdale Lake and is doing what he can to keep the water away from his home.

“I’ve been fighting this battle for three months now," he said, "trying to keep up with the rain and the drain and just can’t do it.”

Barry County Drain Commissioner Jim Dull said the problem started back in January. Snow on the ground along with lots of rain contributed to the problem.

“We have 1,125 sand bags around the house right now," said Sharon Ritche of Crooked Lake. "We have seven utility pumps and two sump pumps, basically running 24/7.”

To relieve the swelling lake, the Barry County commission plans to purchase two industrial pumps for the upper part of the lake.

“The two 8-inch pumps were looking at using they move 6,000 gallons a minute," Dull said. " So, in 30 days that will take about six billion gallons off that lake. And that’s what we need to do to get one foot down."

Dull is hoping the Department of Environmental Quality will come up with an answer on where to dump the water from Upper Crooked Lake.  The decision may come as early as Wednesday during a private meeting.

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1 Comment

  • Ken Howard

    Why can’t you get the army core of engineers to come in and dredge the lake ,remove 10 feet of Lake bottom and the water will go down.use some of the fill to put around the edge and build the banks higher and it shouldn’t flood as easy.

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