Meijer rolls out ‘Shop & Scan’ service

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WALKER, Mich. - Meijer launched new technology Tuesday that they say will help get your groceries faster.

Shop & Scan was launched Tuesday at 31 West Michigan stores. The service has been piloted in some area stores already.

“It’s so easy, it’s really intuitive for our customers, simple, easy, and really speeding up their experience," said Stephanie Brackenridge, Director of Customer Service at Meijer.

To use the service, you must download the free Meijer Mobile App on your smartphone. Then, as you shop, users scan the bar codes on the items and place them in their cart. It also records the items in a digital cart. When you are finished, you scan your phone at the checkout lane and pay.

“It’s truly as simple as picking up the item, getting the barcode, and it’s added to my order," said Brackenridge.

Meijer says that all mPerks coupons and rewards are recorded and honored.

During the pilot program, 25,000 people gave it a try.  The Shop & Scan program will be available in all 235 stores later this year.

“I will definitely take advantage of it," said Perry Bonjernoor, a Meijer customer. “It makes the whole process quicker, you just scan it, you don’t have to sit here and do a bunch of ringing in.”

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  • Old Bob

    This would be a great idea, If I didn’t have to get in a line to get in a line to get to one of the cash register. What ever happen to next in line at Meijers. Next in line now means there are only 10 people ahead of you.

  • Sillyoldme

    How about Meijer hiring good trainable people to run registers in a timely good customer service manner. This is just another way for them to not hire people. Sorry, tired of your lack luster technology so that people don’t and won’t have to communicate.

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