Bellwood Drive Project on hold in Holland

HOLLAND, Mich. -- A proposed housing project raised a lot of concerns in the Holland community. The city council voted on the development Wednesday night.

It was the first reading of the rezoning request for a proposed project of Bellwood Drive, which was already recommended and approved by the planning commission.

It needed five votes to pass, but it ended up in a tie. This means the motion fails, but it can once again be taken up by the planning commission.

At the center of the debate are 46 family dwellings would be constructed on Bellwood Avenue. It would also extend the cul de sac into a through road.

"I can’t figure out how this makes sense and is going to be a benefit to anybody except in some abstract planning global viewpoint that nobody cares about," said Zeke Delarosa.

“Who does this benefit? This benefits all the people of Holland who need housing, that love the Maplewood area,” said Sue OverBeek of Ace Builders.

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