Morning Buzz LIVE! What you need to know for June 25

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2018 Ugliest Dog of the Year

An English Bulldog named Zsa Zsa has been crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog at an international competition on Saturday.

This is the bulldog’s first competition. She’s 9-years-old, her tongue hangs loose from her mouth, so low that it threatens to touch the ground. Plus, she’s got a wrinkled face and a killer under-bite.

Her family drove from Minnesota, spending three days and $3,000 to get to the competition. Zsa Zsa won $1,500 in prize money, and a hot pink trophy that’s about three times her size.

GRPD Captures Rogue Pig

Police officers in Grand Rapids apprehended a pig who was loose on the streets over the weekend.

The animal was found wandering around on McKee Avenue. Officers were able to lure her in with some treats.

They turned her over to animal control so she could wait for her owner to get her. Police posted pictures on Facebook, and said “most things don’t surprise us, but this one takes the cake… or bait.”

Motu Parking App Starts Today

A new parking app is taking over that’ll let people pay for meters in downtown Grand Rapids on Monday.

The app is called Motu, and it replaces “Park Mobile” for on-street parking anywhere in the city. Once created a four-digit security code, people can pay for meters through the app. They can either pay a flat rate each hour, or pre-pay for a specific amount of time.

The app will also let people keep track of the parking session, view payment history, and get email receipts. It’s free for Apple and Android, and available in Spanish.

Toys R Us Closes Friday

Toys R Us is closing it’s doors for good later this week.

The store tweeted out that they will close this Friday. Stores throughout the country have been liquidating since April, and items are now 50 to 70 percent off. There have been a few attempts to save the business, including ids from the CEO of the company that owns Bratz Dolls.

The former CEO of Toys R Us was also reportedly in talks to buy the brand, but nothing has panned out.

For those planning to shop at the store, they aren’t redeeming gift cards or loyalty points anymore.

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