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A place to call home: Puppy found in trash finally adopted

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich–  It’s a happy ending for a puppy with a rough start to his life.

On Tuesday, the rescue Luvnpupz announced that Oscar was adopted out to a family. The organization shared the news on its Facebook page, adding the pup has really bonded with the family’s 5-year-old.

Oscar first made news in October 2017 when he was found in a dumpster, starving and suffering from a skin infection. At the time, the rescue said Oscar’s condition reminded them of another well-known dog named Stinger, who was abandoned after being stung by bees.

Stinger later developed an auto immune disorder so severe that he can’t be adopted out, and has become somewhat of a mascot for Luvnpupz.

Luvnpupz said this adoption seems to be fate, since it was the Meyer family that adopted Oscar, meaning his full new name is Oscar Meyer.

Luvnpupz was founded in 2014 and is always in need of donations so they can continue to help dogs like Oscar and Stinger. If you’d like to contribute, you can make a donation here.

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