Michigan State Police wrap coverage at Electric Forest Festival

ROTHBURY, Mich. – Michigan State Police once again provided on-site law enforcement for the two weekends of the Electric Forest Festival in Oceana County and all of the costs were picked up by festival promoters.

MSP says that all overtime, travel costs and other expenses are reimbursed by the festival promoters.  Troopers from around the state were assigned to cover the festival in Rothbury.

MSP says that during the two weekends of the event, they had 97 complaints to investigate.  27 people were taken at some point to be lodged at the Oceana County Jail and 31 people may yet be arrested after the Oceana County Prosecutor reviews their cases.

Felony charges were filed and are still pending for drug possession and larceny. Misdemeanors were filed and are still pending for assault, drug possession, trespassing, disorderly conduct, destruction of property and being a fugitive from justice.

MSP also assisted in medical calls during the festival.

MSP has provided the services for Electric Forest since 2011, and before that to the Rothbury Festival in 2008 and 2009.

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  • Kevin Rahe

    We camped with our kids this past weekend at Meinert Park in Muskegon. For the second time, we happened to pick a weekend that Electric Forest was going on. On both occasions, throngs descended on the beach on both Saturday and Sunday and there were issues with nudity and worse. We will avoid camping there on either weekend of that festival from now on.

        • So

          Eh, that’s better than average writing for the internet, lol. But OK has a point. Kevin new Electric Forest was happening, they know what it brings, and yet they made the same decision twice… People will be people, complainers will be complainers. It was a magnificent EF. You can’t keep festival-goers from leaving the festival, so if you don’t want to be around them, camp literally anywhere else, or camp a different weekend. Pretty simple.

  • P

    Once again thousands of drug addicts decended on or quiet community. The music (so called) is so loud my Windows rattle from 5 miles away. These animals steal, tresspess, public nudity, drive drunk etc. If there is a way to stop this drugfest, we would like suggestions.said

    • SNS

      Tens of thousands of dollars from these “animals” are also going to partnered nonprofit organizations, as well as supporting local artists, vendors, and restaurants, which brings money into YOUR local economy. Complain all you want, but your rattling windows aren’t ever going to stop this event from happening, so either get used to it or, do what some of us festival-goers do, get some earplugs (and look at the glass half-full, while you’re at it).

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