Manager fired over heartless text messages to worker with child on life support

ALBION, Mich. — A Michigan mother shared a text message exchange with her boss — and it went viral.

Crystal Fisher told FOX 17 she always thought that burying her husband back in 2015 was the hardest thing she’s ever done. However, seeing her son on life support in the hospital was the absolute worst for her.

“It's hard, it’s hard,” she said with her voice shaking. “I have people in my inbox telling me how strong I am and I’m trying so hard.”

On Thursday, Crystal rushed him to Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall. He had a fever of 104 and his oxygen was low.

When Crystal started having panic attacks, her daughter called her boss at P.S. Food Mart to let her know what was going on.

“She said ‘can you have somebody cover mom for [Friday], my brother’s really sick, they’re going to have to ventilate him,’” Crystal recalled her daughter saying to her boss over the phone. “And the boss, I could hear her over the phone and she told my daughter ‘this ain’t the way we run things, your mother needs to be the one calling me.’”

Crystal was shocked but continued to focus on her son. Later that day, within hours of being at Oaklawn, the doctor said Jason needed additional help because his fever wasn’t breaking fast enough.

“He came in and told me that they were going to have to tube him and transport him to [University of Michigan],” she said. “I lost it. That’s my kid.”

When Crystal arrived in Ann Arbor and tried to her see her son she wasn’t allowed to she said. She remembered seeing doctors everywhere and panicked even more.

“Then a doctor finally came out and took me into a private room and said that they had to ventilate my son, that he is on life support,” Crystal said. “All they knew is he had an infection somewhere.”

The doctors didn’t know what type of bacterial infection it was or where it was coming from, she said. Nonetheless, they kept him on a ventilator. Saturday, Crystal reached out to her boss again.

“I text her Saturday and said 'hey just letting you know that I’m not going to be able to come to work until further notice at least until he’s off life support,'” Crystal said. “She automatically came back with oh so you’re letting me know you’re quitting.”

Crystal was shocked. She replied by saying ‘no, so you’re telling me I’m fired?’ Her boss responded ‘this ain’t the way we run things.’ Furious, Crystal posted the exchange on Facebook and within a day it had been shared 25,000 times.

“My 14-year-old she was like ‘mom, mom so many shares.’ And I’m like I did not expect it to take off like this,” Crystal said. “But when I have people in my inbox ‘hey I’m from Australia praying for you, you know, I’m just, I’m overwhelmed.”

One of the thousands of people to see her story was the Folk Oil corporate offices. They contacted her and told her to take as much time as she needed. They also fired her boss. Crystal was grateful. She can now focus solely on her son.

“My concern is when my son does wake up and when he does open his eyes, he sees mommy there,” Crystal said.

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  • learnedmylesson25

    “Man accused of stealing Walmart trailer, unloading it at Indiana home”
    This was the headline from two stories up.To be consistant with FOX17’s new policy of adding subjective,inflammatory adjectives,it should read,”Sociopathic,black man accused of stealing Walmart trailer,unloading it at Indiana home”.
    “Heartless boss” is a phrase that’s pejorative and subjective.At a gas station,there are not a lot of people around to cover for others–no matter the reason.People know,at these places,they better show up for work–the owners count on it.–or they’ll be fired.Even at governmental union shops,a person can only take so much time off before termination begins.
    Stick to the facts.Why would you want to get people angry at this manager,who probably has her own problems as well.Here’s a headline:
    “UNPROFESSIONAL FOX17 plasters judgmental headline against woman.”

    • Vicki Fletcher

      This Mother was suppose to be thinking more about her JOB than her son. WOW I BET YOU AND MICHEAL ARE BEST FRIEND’S. Have you ever had your child lay on life support? I lost my Daughter-my son laid on life support in a coma for 59 day’s. He did not know me when he woke up. I took a 3 yr old NEWBORN HOME!!! A DRUNK DRIVER RUINED MY LIFE. You should be Thankful if you have HEALTHY CHILDREN. Man you make me so up set!!!

  • learnedmylesson25

    You’re biased.You can’t expect a place like a gas station to hold your job for you.How many gas stations are there in GR?How many have “Help Wanted “signs?All of them.

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