The Mystery Spot, a place where gravity goes haywire

Just five miles beyond the Mackinaw Bridge is a place where gravity goes haywire, and the laws of physics are constantly broken. If summer travels lead you to the Upper Peninsula, The Mystery Spot in St. Ignace is a must-see destination.

At the Mystery Spot, visitors can stop by and see a disproportionate house, defying the rules of architecture thanks to the weird force of gravity in the area. People can go into the house themselves to experience this supernatural phenomenon, get a tour of the area, and even go on a zip line tour to get a beautiful view of Lake Superior.

Leigh Ann had the opportunity to check out the supernatural space during her trip up north.

Want a chance to see The Mystery Spot yourself? Fox 17 Morning Mix is giving away a trip for two to Mackinaw City. To enter the contest for a chance to win, click here.

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  • Mi

    That would be Lake Michigan, Unless you also get “special vision” with your paid admission, that allows you to see 60 miles north to see the Greatest of the Great Lakes!!

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