Winter Storm Watch issued for West Michigan for Sunday

Protest outside Ottawa courthouse to raise awareness for people with disabilities

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. -- A peaceful protest took place Tuesday morning outside the Ottawa County 58th District Courthouse today to  raise awareness for kids with disabilities.

This all comes after 17-year-old Stephen Morehouse, who has Autism, was charged after having a mental episode around his family members last month.

But Stephen Morehouse’s step-father, John Wiley, tells us he had to call deputies from Ottawa County back in June, when his step-son, Stephen, flipped out after his parents took his electronics away.

Two weeks later, his family received a letter in the mail at their Ottawa County home, saying there was a warrant out for Stephen’s arrest for domestic violence.

That is why his family asked others to come out to show their support for him Tuesday outside the court house to raise awareness for other people with disabilities throughout Ottawa County.

The judge heard the preliminary evidence Tuesday morning and allowed the case to continue to trial.

Wiley believes the charges are not fair because Steven has the mindset of a 12-year-old and can’t control his outbursts. He believes Stephen should not be facing charges.

Wiley says he hopes the case will allow deputies to be more understanding when dealing with people who are mentally unstable.

The Ottawa County sheriff’s office has not yet commented on the case.

Meantime, the family has hired an attorney out of Lansing and set up a GoFundMe page to pay for their legal fees.

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  • Augster

    At least let the hearing take place before you protest! Maybe a judge will be sympathetic to the defendant. Maybe not. You can’t use the police as a resource and then tell them to just drop it.

  • Michael

    “The deputies continued to press charges”

    “The police were in the wrong”

    Both of those statements show a very uneducated opinion. Maybe these people are the ones who need more awareness. The state of Michigan presses charges in domestic violence cases- charges that are authorized by the prosecutor’s office. The deputies only did the report.

    If these people got notice of the warrant by mail that means the deputies didn’t make an arrest on scene. Since Michigan is a “shall arrest” state that doesn’t allow law enforcement to make common sense discretion decisions in cases like these yet they did anyway, in violation of the law. The deputies did everything right yet you are still protesting them.

    Talk about raising awareness and being in the wrong ……

  • Sillyoldme

    Protest if you must after you see the judge. However, you better have the funds on your own. Sorry, asking for financial help with a Fundme account is beyond ridiculous. Remember, it was your choice to call police. What happens when out of control at age 25, just a thought!

  • Barbara

    As a person with a disability I would not, nor do I want my disability to be an excuse to protest this type of behavior.
    You are using the term disability to advance your own stupidity.
    Political correctness corruption at its finest.

  • Jake

    This article is missing so many important details it’s comical. This is modern day journalism at its finest. Please be somewhat educated before you post articles. It’s embarrassing that it takes a commenter, Michael, to explain the details and what actually happened and why it happened.

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