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Eco-friendly food truck debuts in Grand Rapids with tamales

Photo from the Tamales Mary Facebook page of Wednesday's opening

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – As the first of its kind in Michigan, the new Tamales Mary food truck began serving food Wednesday afternoon.

The food truck, produced by Move Systems in Walker, runs completely on solar and electric power. It produces no emissions and is incredibly quiet compared to its competitors. Several of these types of food trucks have already hit the streets in New York City, and Grand Rapids is the next stop for a further expansion of the product.

“We have a partnership with Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. to get a cart out on the street” says Brandi McBride of Move Systems. Brandi also partnered with Maria  Delaluz-Martinez, who owns the one and only Tamales Mary in Wyoming, Michigan.

Maria started Tamales Mary in 2016, and wanted to be able to take her creation anywhere. After testing out the cart a few times this summer, she knew that downtown Grand Rapids would be the ideal place to continue to expand her reach.

The Tamales Mary food truck will be at the Rosa Parks Circle around lunchtime, Monday through Friday. You can also track the truck, and future trucks using the Move Catering app. If you are interested in owning a food truck, you can visit the Move Systems website.

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