New rooftop lounge set to open in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — From the first floor to the ninth floor, New Hotel Mertens in Grand Rapids announced it will be expanding to the rooftop of its current building located on Oakes Street SW.

The French restaurant will be opening Haute at New Hotels Mertens by August.

The lounge will feature seating for 40 and a 180-degree view of the Grand Rapids skyline.

People will be open seven-days a week and will offer French-inspired food and drinks.

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  • learnedmylesson25

    The folks at Mel Trotter finally got what they’ve been requesting for YEARS–A French restaurant!!!The vagrants walking up and down Le Oakes Boulevard–can stop in and try some French cuisine to go with that bottle of wine (in a paper bag)that they carry around with them in that area.
    I wouldn’t travel to this location–after sunset–if you paid for my meal.I recall at least two murders in the last couple years,in that area.No thanks.

    • C

      And, the guy that got mugged on Weston the other night probably was carrying his bottle of Chateau LeGrand in plain sight of the thugs that robbed him.

    • DArge

      Were these other comments written in 1995? Hopcat is perhaps the busiest restaurant in the city. Stella’s is right behind it. Mertens has been packed since it opened. There’s a Hilton going in next door. Uber was invented.
      Welcome to 2018.

  • Ernie K.

    Seating for 40, secure parking for none. Yeah, “Its fine honey, we can walk from the VanAndel parking ramp and walk back after dark with no problem!”
    Oh, and “People will be open seven-days a week”??? Did you guys have Mlive proofread this for you or what?

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