Man killed, trooper wounded during northern Michigan shootout

LAKE TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A man has been shot to death after wounding a state police trooper during a traffic stop and shootout in northern Michigan.

Police say a preliminary investigation shows that a trooper from the Houghton Lake post pulled over a vehicle occupied by two men and one woman about 1:30 p.m. Friday in Missaukee County's Lake Township, southeast of Traverse City.

One of the men allegedly fled from the vehicle and started shooting at the trooper.  The trooper returned fire and killed the gunman, state police said in a release.

The trooper suffered several gunshot wounds. His injuries are considered non-life threatening.

The other two occupants of the vehicle are in police custody. The incident remains under investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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  • Harry D'Amour

    Yeah. that’s not northern michigan. only upper middle class deep down state folks call that northern michigan. northern michigan is the north part , the entire other half , of the state. calling houghton lake “northern michigan is like saying your belly button is on your chin. you keep all our tax dollars , at least acknowledge who’s resources and tourism keep this state afloat as the trolls under the bridge watch their cities and water supplies rot as they file bankruptcy. what you ego ladened trolls forget is what you consider the entire state of michigan is only half of it. now start spending our money in way way nt resembling a drunken sailor in a whore house. because if we ever broke off your little mitten would go belly up asap. you need us , we piss on you.

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