Wyoming grocery store announces closing

Ken's Fruit Market in Wyoming

WYOMING, Mich. – A 28th Street grocery store is closing its doors.

Ken’s Fruit Market in Wyoming posted a sign on their doors Tuesday morning saying they’ll be closing by the end of the week.

The store has only been open a little over two years.  Managers tell FOX 17 that they were not able to make enough money at the site, compared to what they were putting into it.

Other Ken’s locations on Plainfield Avenue and on Eastern Avenue in Alger Heights will remain open.

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  • C

    Too bad. I shop at the store on Eastern, especially when looking for meat and produce. For those items, Meijer is pathetic by comparison.

  • Old Bob

    I shop at Kens on Eastern. Not as much as I use too. I am not at all happy with the people they have at the cash registers during the day there.

  • Patricia Murphy

    I can’t believe that the people around there weren’t as much in favor of that store as we are out in the north end of town. The BEST! Everything fresh, the best meat counter around. Nice people. How could it possibly fail? Got to be something wrong with the judgement of the folks in that area. No reason for a store of that caliber not to succeed.

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