Schuette confident ahead of primary, calls opponents ‘desperate’ during stop in Grand Rapids

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- In a campaign stop at a tech company in downtown Grand Rapids on Monday, Republican gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Bill Schuette says he's confident about winning the primary election and that he stands by President Trump despite a controversial couple weeks.

“Eight days left to go before the primary, and I’m ahead. I’m gonna keep it that way," Schuette says. "I've got a lot of desperate opponents that are behind, desperately behind, but I take nothing for granted.”

Schuette made the stop at Grand Apps, a tech company he says serves as an example for Michigan's economic future. The stop was part of his "Time to Win Again" tour.

“This is a place that’s creative high-tech, and it’s part of the whole future of Michigan of more jobs and bigger paychecks," Schuette says.

Schuette says he would be Michigan's "jobs governor" and would cut former Governor Jennifer Granholm's income tax increase.

“Cutting taxes in Michigan just like Donald Trump has cut taxes in America," Schuette says.

Earlier in his campaign, Schuette got the endorsement of President Trump and Vice President Pence.

When asked if he supports the president's willingness to shut down the government, Schuette dodged the question and said he appreciates the president's endorsement. In a press conference with the Italian prime minister on Monday afternoon, President Trump said he would "have no problem" shutting down the government if Democrats in Congress don't pass a budget that uses taxpayer money to fund the border wall, despite Trump's promise that Mexico will pay for it.

“In terms of the Washington stuff and all that drama, I’m gonna let Washington figure out all that drama," Schuette says.

Schuette also says he's not worried about the White House's Office of Management and Budget projection that the federal deficit will reach $1 trillion by 2019.

On Monday, Schuette was the target of attacks from Democrats who said his policies would take healthcare away from thousands of Michiganders.

“We need to have Medicaid work requirements, and the federal government should block grant funds to states and let states design their own healthcare. That’s really the recipe for success in the future," Schuette says.

On Monday, he spared no attacks against the Democrats running for governor. He said he thinks either Gretchen Whitmer or Abdul El-Sayed will win the nomination on August 7.

“I mean the Democrat party is  it’s Weekend at Bernie’s. "It’s kind of funny to watch," Schuette says.

Despite a tense Republican primary, especially between Lt. Governor Brian Calley and himself, Schuette says he's confident Republicans can unite for the general election in November.

“I’m an adult. I think everyone else will be an adult," Schuette says.

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  • Wings

    Calley is ten times better than this piece of crap. The guy does not show up to work half the time. He has wasted more money on stupid investigation in which nothing came about them.
    Vote Calley

  • Sillyoldme

    Billy, you sure are a funny guy. Your arrogance is astounding and your self centeredness is even more amazing in your ability to slam the other party and the other candidates in your own party. May someone beat you by a huge landslide this fall. You are deserving of it.

  • Clyde Brown

    Billy, Billy, Billy If I told you once I’ve told you a thousand times not to run for office because it would do your heart better to walk down that hill and screw them all. Well you won’t listen so see you at the retirement home where your Momma is and my Momma is. Then you won’t be screwing anyone. as we already have a gerrymandering problem the Democrats need to fix, they have a mission.

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